God S Trying To Say Something

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skinnyminny - May 1

Long story short I'm 18 and think i may be pregnant, I'm half okay with it but i don't want my parents to be hurt. My fiance and I want a baby, but it really isn't the right time. The wedding isnt even until next year. Back to the story. I laid in bed last night and told God that I would really rather not be pregnant, but whatever you wanna do I'll just handle it. Then i started to fantasize about being pregnant and telling my fiance and so forth. Then i went to sleep and turned on th enews as usual and there were TWO, yes TWO segments on PREGNANCY AND BABIES! And then with a sick twist of fate I got the most horrible toothache and I took a tylenol because i read that it wasn't bad for the baby if you don't take it too often, BUT WHAT IF IM WRONG. WHAT FI IM PREGNANT AND I JUST MADE MY BABY DEFORMED. On top of that I took an aleve a few days ago because it hadn't occurred to me that I may be pregnant. I am killing my baby. Thats why i wanted to have a planned pregnancy so i know to eat right and stay away from certain things. This kind of sucks.


pinky18282 - May 1

tylenol is ok to take during pregancy it wont deforme your baby


maren - May 1

why do you think your pregnant are you late for your period?


skinnyminny - May 3

I was 12 days late, i took a test a few hours ago. Positive. It showed up in like 30 seconds.


maren - May 3

congradulations have you called your doctor and made an appointment


Jbear - May 3

skinnyminny, calm down! Tylenol is fine during pregnancy. Aleve isn't that great while you're pregnant, so don't take it again, but one pill taken that early isn't going to do any harm. You're 18, you're already engaged with a wedding date set...you're miles ahead of some people. Everything is going to be fine. If you see a dentist for your toothache, make sure you tell him that you're pregnant before they do any xrays.



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