Going To College While Having A Baby

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fortune cookie - April 28

I am 19 and I'm finishing up my second year in college. I'm about 7.5 weeks pregnant with my boyfriend's baby. (We've been friends for a while and just started dating two months ago.) His parents are VERY supportive and so are mine. My friends are supportive and happy for me as well and I find myself in a very fortunate position - however - I am due sometime in December and I still want to continue my third year of college. I usually have to work about 30 hrs a week and attend a full time class schedule though this coming year I won't have to work (yay!). When I have my baby, do you think it's best if I take night classes at the University so I can take care of my baby during the day and he can take care of it during the night so that we don't have to worry about day care expenses? Or should I do day care? What have you done in this school/baby scheduling issue and how has it worked out?


Ca__sie06 - April 28

hi! Its not easy but it will work out!! I am 19 and 25 weeks pregnant and due the beginning of August. I will be a jr next year in college also (just got accepted into the teacher education dept! YEA!) My advisor worked with me and I scheduled all my cla__ses on Tuesday and Thursdays. My mother-in-law works part time but is off those days and offered to babysit. I would see if you could do something like that and get your family to help you out, but if they cant do it you may be able to find some night cla__ses and let him watch the baby at night. Talk to your advisors who help you make your schedule, they may be able to help!! :)


EricaLynn - April 28

I know how you feel. I am 18 and due in december also. I will go to school for the first semester whilel pregnant. I am trying to figure out a schedual for the second semester were I can take online courses or only have cla__ses two or three days a week. If that I will have to work out some babysitting with the famialy or something. However I would really like the online cla__ses so I can stay at home with the baby. Anyway, I know how you feel. and congratulations!


corinne - April 28

Lots of colleges offer online cla__ses that you need. However you might want to wait until after you have the baby and decide then if you want to go to school that semester or if you want to take that sememster off. Honestly only consider going part time becaus each cla__s has A LOT of homework and with a new born it would be quite difficult to find the time to do it all. I have a alomst two year old and am in my first semester of college and it isn't easy having the time to get all my homework done. Hope this helps.


AliciaO - May 15

Hey Hun! I am not pregnant yet and I am 25 and married, but I am just now a junior at a major University and My husband and I have been dealing with these same questions. He is in graduate school by the way. We have decided that I will take the semester I have the baby off, and when I decide to go back I will take night cla__ses and he will stay home with our baby. After all, he is the Daddy and he is more than capable of taking care of his own child! It is very important I think that both parents are equally involved and both of your educations are equally important. It sounds like you have a good support system with youre parents so use that to your advantage too! I am sure your parents want nothing more than for you to finish school! Just don't worry too much about it now, enjoy your pregnancy, you are lucky, we have been trying for two years! Good luck sweetheart!


not-falling - May 15

hey, im 17 and 8 weeks pregnant, i'm doing my hsc at the moment.. ill be 8 months when i sit my exams!! the university that i want to go to next year (i want to do a bachelor of nursing and then become a midwife) has pretty cheap day care at the university... if you cant work around it any other way.. at least theres an option to concider, you'd still have cla__ses but at least you your baby is close by


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 16

I am 18 and almost 38 weeks pregnant. I have been going to college for the past two semesters while pregnant. Luckily I got out of school around May 7th and am not due until May 31st. I take night and online cla__ses, and one Saturday cla__s. I have not been working this last semester, so it made it a ton easier. Since you are going to college and trying to better yourself, you can get government vouchers to pay for your daycare. I just got lucky right now and my babys grandmother does not work so she is going to keep the baby when I can not. My hubby will be able to keep the baby at night while I am at school since he works days. Don't worry, you will find a way to make it work.


Lillie E - May 17

i'm 18 and i have a 6 month old. i graduated early from high school thinking i would go to culinary school last fall. well, before i graduated i got pregnant. i then got married to my fiance sooner then planned. i decided not to take college cla__ses in the fall because i was going to be huge pregnant and didn't want to miss cla__s so close to finals. after having my son, i was planning on going to cosmotology school, but i couldn't do it. partially because i was still getting over having my son, and from not wanting to leave him with anyone. i wanted to be there for him for his first smile, the first time he rolled over, his first teeth... you know the "firsts" every baby goes threw. you can try to make plans now, but things with change. friends will change. you will change and so will your boyfriend. my family is very supportive and my inlaws and my parents said they would switch off with watching my son so we wouldn't have to pay for childcare, but i couldn't do it. you can make plans now, but if i were you i wouldn't do anything concrete. EVERYTHING changes when you have a baby, somethings not so great, and many things greater then you could imagine. just wait for it.



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