Gonna B A Mom N Lovin It

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Asiele - October 13

im 13 11 wks gonna b a mom n lovin it any1 else feel the same?? i dont worry cos i kno im gonna make a great mom. ill love my baby it will love me and my babys daddy will love us both. so many people on ere say its bull and teen moms get nowere but they r all wrong n im gonna prove it. in your face all u doubters!!!!!


Curious about you - October 13

And what is so different about your situation that you will make something out of yourself? I am honestly asking, not bashing. I am wondering what your plan is for your future? Other than loving your baby, of course. Please tell us as we would like to know. Good luck:)


Jen - October 13

I'm glad you are happy and ready to be a good mom and I really hope that things turn out perfect. I just don't know if at the age of 13 you understand the large amount of time it takes and the financial responsibility. Are you parents going to provide money and watch the baby when you are at school? I know it can work but I don't think it will be as perfect as you think it will be. Of course I wish you the best but at 13, you cant do it on your own.


Curious... - October 13

I was just a kid at 13... So I am really wondering what this girl has planned.


UNKNOWN - October 13



Carly - October 13

My step daughter will be 13 next month and I can not even imagine! She can barley take care of her self. her mother was a pregnant teen and I am so afraid that she may go down the same path. I am teaching her to respect herself and her body. I tell her what a bright future she has ahead of her I hope this works.


Asiele - October 14

i have a family thats all i need and im sorry most of u are bitter cos u aint got that support why do u all try to put a downer on every1s situations? i live in the hotel my aunt owns, we got a home. its a great place to bring up kids, i get home tuition so i dont have to leave my baby, my boyfriend works 10 hour shifts and is well paid and we really do care 4 each other we been togther 4 2 yrs. i know theres loads of people that will say im thinkin its a fairytale and they will tell me how stupid i am and what usualy happens on here call me a s___t n a whore (unknown-ur such a loser) wow big deal- teenage moms can be as good as adult moms. what about the adult moms taking drugs n drinkin id never dream of doin that when i got a baby 2 look after.


yolanda - October 14

Great. Work on your English skills cuz dos r m'portant fo yo baby.


Cat - October 14

Are you going to work and support it on your own, or are we the tax payers going to support your baby? If you are going to do it on your own, then good luck and Congrats I guess.


Daile - October 15

What does Asiele's ability to type/speak have to do with anything? Whether you have a good understanding of the English language or not has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to raise a child. Anyone who thinks it does needs to do some research.


Just me..... - October 15

Daile-- It is called intellect. If you are not intellectual enough to even write properly most likely you will be within the lower 25% income cla__s in America. Do you never look at statistics? Lower 25% is uneducated and very poor. Do some research yourself.


Daile - October 16

Guess what? You can be in the lower 25% without being uneducated. The only requirement is that you are poor. And yes, it is possible to be poor and educated. My family happens to be in that lower area, and they are by no means uneducated. I also happen to know some people who are very wealthy because there was one smart person in their family, but they are ignorant. Again, I say that I do not believe intelligence affects your ability to raise a child, and so should not be something talked about on this forum. People can be incredibly book smart, but have absolutely no idea what to do in a real-life situation. On the other hand, there are people who never made it out of highschool that can handle anything thrown their way. Maturity is what matters in parenting, not intellect.


WHATEVER SLUT - October 17



Asiele - October 18

My child won't be brought up on welfare my boyfriend has a job with good pay (just incase you didn't bother to read my post) and if the only thing you can pick up on is the way I write then ... whatever, thats pathetic! I type quickspeak usually so I'll make an exception just this once, you're not too great yourself. I get home tuition by a great teacher and this will continue when my baby is born. Dazai, my baby won't be sc_m. Where are my parents? They are no longer here.


Tina - October 19

Good for you Asiele. I'm very happy that for you. I am about to turn 19 and am pregnant with my second child. I will be attending college next year. My son Jonathon is a very happy well adjusted one year old. I'm glad you have the support that you need and deserve. All these people that write that you are a s___t, immature, or uneducated need to take a look in the mirror. That does not mean that I am calling them s___ts or uneducated just immature.


bkat - October 20

asiele, im happy for you that you feel like everything will be perfect. be prepared because many adults cant handle the situation you are in. i hope you have a strong supportive family that will get you through this. you make think it is a walk in the park now..but wait untill you are trying to do your homework and you have a screaming baby to take care of. i hope that you are also considering your options about finishing high school and going on to college...it is not impossible with a child but more difficult. good luck


Asiele - October 20

Thanks. I'll say my 1st message sounds a bit arrogant now I read it. I didnt want to come across like that. I know it aint going to be easy but I've got loads of support around me. Its not the path I chose for my life and I dont know what my parents would think if they were here, but I will do the best I can for my baby and make them proud in the end.



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