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Tay - April 12

well my last post 2 people reply but sence i seen you know a lot i need help. me and my boyfriend been dating for almost 2years. and we are in love but i decide that we need space cause he was not treating me right BUT,we still have s_x and we dont use condom well he slip up and came in me. But i got my period and like a couple of days a go i was sick throwing up sleeping a lot and eat and like 30 min later i'm hurry again. but i got my period in this all happen when i was on my period and now i gone off but i still feel sick my back hurt like h__l and i have this pain on my side of my stomach. can you help me please i'm 17year old and i dont what to been with him


GRANDMA - April 12

well sweet heart it is very possible that you can be pregnant but being that your worried it could be a mind thing what you would need to do is go see a doctor (take your boyfriend with you) if you are then there's serial options but I hope your prepared to keep your baby that you lead down and help make most importantly don't let any one make your mind up for you. this child will be your responsibility.and if you are pregnant and decide not to keep this baby don't let anyone AND I SAID ANYONE make you feel like less of a woman for the choice you made this is your life. you only answer to one man and that's the one lord above. good luck honey and you be strong and stern about your life and your choice.with that being said let me now what the results are.


Hmmph - April 12

If ur not preggos stop sleeping with THIS guy or at least use condoms ALWAYS. Also look into he morning after pill--it keeps you from getting pregnant. You can take it up to 5 days after having s_x. Grandma is right it doesnt sound like you are preggars but do be careful


Grandpa Viv - April 12

Tay, this is pretty confusing and is lacking dates. It sounds as though you could be pregnant even though you had a bleed, and that a home test would tell a story right now. If the guy was being mean you don't need him. You can talk to me at if that is something you are comfortable with.



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