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sara b - January 2

I have been pregnant twice before on birth control and I have a nine month old daughter. Last month I had dysfunctional uterine bleeding despite my BC pills. The Dr. put me on provera for 5 days and I stopped my BC to wait till my next period. My bf and I had s_x but he always pulls out. Now I've been approved to get an IUD as soon as my next period starts but it's 3 days late and still not here. I've had cramping sensations and thick white cervical mucus as well as being outrageously tired (I am sick though). Do you think its possible that I'm pregnant or do you think my period isn't coming because of how much I bled last month. Oh, and I took an HPT day my period was due and it was negative. Thanks in advance.


Marlene - January 2

Your period might be off b/c you were put on provera. your best bet is to wait a couple more days and if it doesnt come go back to your doctor and have them test you. goodluck


Grandpa Viv - January 2

Sara, I wish I could help, but there are too many things going on. Stopping BC can weird out your cycle. Provera can do the same. The pull-out method is not recommended. The best you can do is quit having s_x until things get sorted, and take home tests once a week, first am pee, to keep that base covered. Good luck!


_T_ - January 3

Hi there Sara B. Its really difficult to say hun if you are pregnant. Yes you certainly could be because you was off BCP and had unprotected s_x via the pull out method. As Grandpa Viv said the BCP does weird out your cycle and make it go all over the place which can be scary. The HP could be negative because you aren't pregnant and your period is just messing you around. OR It could be negative because your pregnant but haven't got enough HCG in your urine yet. I would wait another 5 days and do a pregnancy test. If you get a clear or faint positive, see your doctor for confirmation.


Rachel - January 6

Stopping BC can make your cycle a little off track but you could still be pregnant. If i were you I'd wait between 5 and 7 days and take a test then and it is best to pee for your first visit to the toilet as it is less diluted. It also helps to take more than one test as the first one ia not always right. The pulling out method isn't really safe either as you can still get pregnant from pre-c_m. Good luck.


Amber - January 7

I have a question. My period is really off i had it 2 times in november once for 9 days then off 3 then back on for 3. i didn't have one in december and i just came on in jan. I dont know whats going on. my stomach looks bloated, b___st tenderness,sleeping alot,always hungry,and i just feel like it. can someone help..



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