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babii_boo91 - December 10

In the past I know that you have been a huge help to girls with questions about their cycles and ovulation maybe you can lend me a hand. My perdiods are regular, my last reg period was nov 2, i am on the pill but have been having trouble taking it. the week of the 23rd i missed a few pills and started to bleed the 23, i havent taken my pills since but i also didnt get my period dec 2nd, so my question is when would i have ovulated? i had unprotected s_x a few times in nov and then again dec 7 & 9. when would i consider myself late? the 2nd when it was expected or the 23rd cuz of the screw up with my pills?? thank you =)


Grandpa Viv - December 10

Hmm! Not easy to help on this one. Your bleed Nov 23 was stimulated by quitting the pills. You may not have ovulated in Nov. Since all your periods up to that time have been pill-regulated, there's no telling when you would ovulate and menstruate next. If you happened to ovulate about Dec 10th, you might feel signs a week later and get a positive test around Christmas. If it is important not to get pregnant, you should run out and buy your own condoms and v____al spermicide, and use both together until you get your cycle regulated by the pill again. GL!


babii_boo91 - December 10

thank you someone told me that if i ovulated when i did bleed the 23 rd that i would be fertile around the 7th, so i think i will wait it out and se if i get a period jan 2nd if not ill test, if neg then i will make an appointment with my dr thanks again


Advice Girl - December 11

my periods are irregular most of the time like half the time they are like 3 months apart i'm not on depo or bc pills so why are my periods so far apart?? lately they have been regular end of every month lasting about a week. but before they were 3 months apart and i would have a heavy flow for 2 1/2 weeks strait non stop...could something be wrong??



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