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Jade - June 5

My friend he not my boyfriend yet, Well we been talking on the phone. and we almost had s_x one day he was over my house, so since then we been talking on the phone and the other night he said"when can he get a full taste of things" and i said soon, but i never had s_x with anyone except my ex-boyfriend. so i ask him is that the only reason he talking to me he said "No i just want to see what i'm working with because i dont want no dull shit p___y if we start talking" and that was the end of the conversation. and i really like this boy but i dont know nothing about having s_x he is 19 and much more experience and i just want it be a nice experience for me and him. I thinking about having s_x with him every soon. and with my ex it was ok but i know with him it would be even better. but i just dont know what to do.


Well then... - June 5

Sounds like a really nice guy. :) :) :)


Audrey - June 5

Jade- It sounds like this guy is just trying to get into your pants. I'd stay far away from him if I were you. If you do decide to go for it, make sure he wears a condom or call it off.


Lev - June 5

Sounds like you hooked a real winner. Seriously, drop that a__s like a bag of rocks.


Grandpa Viv - June 5

You're a s___t.


Grandpa Viv - June 6

You know by now that s_x is what most young males are looking for. They'll tell you 'most anything to get it. At least this guy is up front about it. My advice to a young woman who is hoping for a serious relationship is to hold off s_x for enough months to find out if that is the only thing the guy is after. If he is serious about you as a person, he will respect that and stick around. This guy has pretty much told you already that s_x is his primary interest. You will get badly bruised if you pursue him.


Jade - June 6

The Bad thing is that i really like him and i told him that and he didnt say anything. So i guess it not meant to be and he havent call in some day but his phone is cut off but he has an cell phone i dont know the number. I guess he is an a__s hole thank for all your help!



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