Guess Who Is Pregnant

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KaseyA - April 15

Yup me! I got a positive test on Sunday! I was in the hospital last week and my test was positive but the dr.s thought it was just residual HCG from my M/C in Feb. But I had a really strong feeling and my most recent home test was SUPER positive. I'm a little worried since Lila is only 10months and Nick and I are no longer to together plus he is in jail. But he is excited even if we aren't together. Now for a Lila update. She will be 10months on the 24th of this month. She is walking everywhere in her walker and loves to laugh and babble up a storm. She just learned how to clap yesterday. She is a very happy baby and is eating almost everything insight! I have lots of new pictures if anyone wants to see email me at kaseyk122 at verizon. net. Oh and my birthday is on APRIL 22!!! Yay big 2-0


amanda17 - April 16

Aw, Congratulations!!!!


Franny - April 16

Good luck! I can't imagine how you will do it, single teen mom, 2 kids under 2 years old and papa in jail...


lunamoo - April 16

You say you are "a little worried"?!?!?! Single teen mom with TWO babies under 2 years old AND ex in jail...I would be very worried. Who is going to raise you children?


TraceyC - April 16

Congratulations on your baby news and happy birthday for next week. it's the same day as my daughters.


amanda17 - April 16

Jeeze people, she seems confident enough. I think she can do it. It'll be difficult but it sounds like her first child is perfectly happy, so she must know what she's doing. Anyway, good luck Kasey!


COLLEEN084 - April 17

Congrats on the new baby! Just make absolutely sure to keep the ex in jail far away....


Amanda19 - April 18

Congrats kasey! I just had a chemical pregnancy, again. 2 since I had paxton. We would have been really close in our pregnancy again! Sorry to hear about you being single and he's in jail. But I have no doubt you can do it. Paxton is 9 months now and she's cruising in her walker, running everything (including me) over lol, loves to talk, claps, climbs up things etc. She's so big. Makes me very sad. Hope your well!


KaseyA - April 18

Hi Amanda! I haven't talked to you in so long! Lila loves her walker to and oh man does she love to run EVERYTHING I'm so sorry about your chemical pregnancies :( I hope all is well and stay in touch.



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