Guilt Paranoid Or Just Depressed

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mummy_tummy#3 - July 10

Am i being paranoid? I had no problems with my daughters birth then with my sons , i lost him because the hospital i went to wasnt too worried about me until they lost my babys heartbeat at 37 weeks. 9 months later im 5 months pregnant and im so scared something is going to happen to this baby. Everyone keeps say" well once you get past that point where Ethan died youll losen up" . Im 21 weeks and 37 weeks is far away and im wasting my pregnancy being scared and upset. I started feeling like im trying to replace him by getting pregnant but it really wasnt planned or intentioned. Has anyone been through the death of a child and how did they get on with their life?


lilmomma88 - July 11

Well I have never been through the death of a child God forbid, (By the way I am very sorry about your loss) but I can tell you that just because something happened to your son, that doesn't mean something will happen to this child. Being scared and upset during pregnancy is very unhealthy for your baby. They feel everything we feel. I know it's hard for you and I know I have no idea what you must have gone through and are still going through, but you need to try and let go. Easier said than done, I know. Maybe try talking to someone (your husband/boyfriend..parents..sibling...) or even try counseling. Well good luck with everything and if you ever need someone to talk to, b___h at, or just vent to feel free to e-mail me...I know what's it's like just to need to let it all out! [email protected]


midnight_drift - July 12

I've never experienced it, and I am very sorry that you lost your son. But it might have been because of some defect hunny, and it doesn't mean that it will happen to this child. God forbid it happen again, and I really hope it doesn't. Maybe this time your doctors will pay more attention, and if you are having such problems you should seek counseling to help you through it, I see a counselor and she helps me through everything =)! Good luck sweetie.


oxocrazybabiioxo - July 12

do u kno wat u are having... well gurl u cant live ur lfie scared n confused... shyt happpens and maybe there was a reason that god took ethan(im guessing that was his name ) and u cant suspect the same for the new baby.. good luck and wish u nuttin but the best ma


mummy_tummy#3 - July 23

thanks for the advice, im in counsoling every 2 weeks , ive changed to a more respectful doc who understands my insecurities a little more , and i finally found out it is a girl!!! I joked about having a girl with my husband so much that it really turns out she is a GIRL :) At first it was guilt because i thought i was replacing Ethan and then it turned into disapointment because she wasnt a boy but i think another little girl will be just as great. im excited now and hopefully i can stay this excited until her arrival.



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