Guys Taking Responsibility

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Lisa - November 5

do the guys plead ignorance if they get a girl pregnant? it seems that a lot of teenage girls on here are taking the sole responsibility of being pregnant, or possible pregnancy. The guys are fully aware of what unprotected s_x can lead to, do they EVER ask the question....ARE YOU PROTECTED from pregnancy? or is it that the lust and heat of the moment take control of all his senses, rendering him stupid. The guys need to start taking just as much responsibility as the girls, to carry condoms or have the sanity to say NO if they are in any doubt that the girl is not protected. There are situations where the girl will say she is protected, but the guy should know her well enough, specially if he is about to have s_x with the girl. I feel sorry for the girls who are left to make the decision on their own, or feel they cannot talk to the boyfriend about being pregnant in fear of being dumped or abandoned. If these girls find themselves in this situation i can only hope that they have good parents they feel they can rely on and feel supported by. ALL teenage girls should be enjoying their lives and not have to worry about pregnancy or motherhood. Think BEFORE you act!!


kimberly - November 13

not all guys are like that i ended up with a really good one we arent together but we talk like we still have a friendship or want to be together later i nor him want to fell as if we are to be together cause of are baby he does do some dumb a__s things but still has his child on mind and me. he totally wants to be there not only for me but for our child. and my parents are totally supportive of me but dont like him but i would never keep him alway for the child he is trying and i do see that so im lucky and that is just it


Lisa - November 13

it's good to know you at least have the support you need for you and your baby and that he is taking responsibility for the child as well. you are obviously mature enough to understand that having a child doesn't necessarily make you feel as though you need to stay together. glad to hear you have discussed this with him and have still remained friends, i think it makes a big difference if the two of you communicate well. clearly, you both have the childs best interest at heart. he/she will grow to be a well adjusted person and yes, i agree that you are lucky. i'm glad some guys still maintain their sense of decency. you're a good mum



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