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Mysterious_Beauty189 - April 25

I lost my virginity the day before my period. My boyfriend only put the tip in and without protection. We did the same thing again the day my period finished (6 days later). seven days after the first time we did it, I spent the whole day vomitting and feeling bloated. Am i pregnant? Or is it just a really bad coincidence? I'm only 15 and I'm so confused/scared. I dont even know if i should consider myself a virgin anymore... PLEASE HELP!


Mandy1984 - April 25

even if it was just the tip, the p___s still entered thus intercourse so I don't think you could consider yourself a virgin anymore, The only way of knowing if your pregnant is to get a test, If you period dosn't show up test then, Good luck, I hope you get the result you want x


Ceno - April 25

You were feeling bloated...because you were having your period. Not because you're pregnant. Now if you want to continue to have s_x and don't want to get pregnant, use protection...always. Don't make a quick decision for pleasure result in a life time commitment. Feel me? As for being a virgin, everyone has their own definition as to what is a virgin..what const_tutes virginity. For many, once the p___s enters, they are no longer a virgin. I'm not trying to knock you, but you don't sound as convincing, that you want to have s_x. Don't do anything you don't want to do, especially if you just want to please someone. S_x can be fun and feel good, as long as it is done with precautions and because one feels they'e ready for it. I hope you don't get offended. Just be careful. :-)


mizaditude - April 25

There is only a very little chance of you getting pregnant the day before your period and right after your period. But it depends on when you ovulate, most people ovulate midway through their cycle. More than likely you didn't get pregnant right before your period so with that said, your probably not pregnant YET because the egg would not have implanted yet.


Bebita_Linda - April 29

could have been a cuase of your period i get very bad periods i feel nasuas and i vimitti alot along with otha side effects but take a test to be sure


Aussie Beck - April 29

I hope this little scare convinces you to use protection from now on! Or better yet - don't have s_x - you are way too young!!!! I lost my virginity at 15 and felt like such a fool afterwards! I know now that I was using s_x as a way to get affection from a guy. Luckily, I did not fall pregnant as a teenager (I'm 26 now, and married with a 4 mth old daughter), or contract some horrible disease - which is another reason why you need to use protection! Please really think about it before you decide to have s_x - if I could go back I would choose to wait till I was married - but that's just me! I don't think you are pregnant, but even just putting the tip of the p___s in is enough to allow sperm to enter, and if you happen to be ovulating at the same time, a pregnancy can occur. Sperm can also survive inside you for a few days after s_x too - so PLEASE be careful sweetie!!!!


young_mum_2_b - April 29

i just want to say to Aussie Beck, that telling her not to have s_x and hoping this little 'scare' teaches her to use protection is not what she asked....why is it that so many people come on her and give their opinion on teenagers having s_x and falling pregnant?? they want advice not a lecture! and if u lost ur virginity at 15 who are u to tell her not to have s_x? a bit hypocritical dont u think?


Kay - April 30

young_mum_2_b , Aussie_beck is clearly stating that this scare she push her into using protection or wait for s_x until she knows the facts or worse gets an unwanted pregnany. She has a right to say what she likes aslong within reason and what Aussie said was some useful information.


Aussie Beck - April 30

To young mum 2 b: I would hardly call what i said as being hypocritical! I am not lecturing her at all. Having s_x when you are so young is a bad idea and by your username I'm guessing that you too were silly enough to have s_x unprotected and now there will be yet another child coming into the world raised by someone who is merely a child herself. We all make mistakes but if what I have said to this young girl stops her from having unprotected s_x and possibly falling pregnant then I don't care if it is seen as a lecture!!! Children don't get a say in who their parents are, and I can tell you one thing I wouldn't want to be raised by a child! Your only upset by my comments because you didn't just have a 'scare', please grow-up before your innocent baby comes!


young_mum_2_b - April 30

for your information aussie i was on the pill when i fell pregnant so i was already using a form of contraception. as for my user name, in case u haven't noticed this forum is full of teenage parents and i dont appreciate a 26 year old coming into this forum and judging us...if all your going to do is come on here and lecture the young mum's who already know they may have made mistakes then your opinion is not wanted. we get enough of that from our families and dont need it from a stranger who has no idea what the circ_mstances or situations may be. go elsewhere!!


corinne - May 1

Hey young mum what's the difference between a 26 year old and a 16 year old coming on here and telling other people who think they may be pregnat to start being more careful about s_x? Everyone knows that if your going to have s_x then you have a chance of getting pregnant none of the ( lectures) are regarding you, infact i haven't seen one that has your name on it. So are you gonna start an att_tude with me now and say that i can't be on this forum either. Well geuss what ANYONE is allowed on this forum. You may not like what some people have to say but if you don't like it then ignore it. Are you going to say that 20 year olds are not allowed on this server who have infact been in the same situation and come on here to give younger people advice who actually need it and want it. Quite taking everything so personal.


Emma2 - May 3

If you all can't take the heat get out of the kitchen....and dont have s_x at such a young age and expect the grown ups to be so understanding because just the pill is not responsible enough ..havent you ever heard of STD's and the pill failing...well guess you do know now ....Good Luck though!!


summerchild692006 - July 10

I would honestly say that...it's the person's choice of whether or not to have s_x, it's their choice to use protection or not. They say that you ovulate on day 14 if you are regular and that you cannot get pregnant. SO there is a small chance....but it's very slim.


Teddyfinch - July 10

2 year old post. =P


Teddyfinch - July 10

regardless, how boring would that be? tip only?? pff!


amanda17 - July 10

Hahaha. What would be the point of just putting the tip in? That wouldn't be a form of protection like the pull out method because the tip is the part that matters... I guess she just wanted to be really unsatisfied with her first s_xual experience haha


Teddyfinch - July 11

lol i guess. i mean i think i'd be too haha.



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