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Teddyfinch - July 11

lol i guess. i mean i think i'd be too haha.


E586467 - July 11

Not unless she just thought it was the tip cause it was sooooo small lol. I knew a guy like that once & I pity the poor women that ends up with him, poor b___d hahaha.


amanda17 - July 11

HAHAHA ah that's sad...


angelmonkey - July 12

its not all about size you know, its about how they use it lol, they could of been having foreplay? sounds like foreplay to me


amanda17 - July 12

No, it's about the size hahaha. I mean if it's not long enough to reach where you need it to reach you've got yourself a problem. It's not like the 'g-spot' is just sitting at the opening so any size would do. Some women have it wayyyy back there, others have it at a spot that's easy for a regular sized p___s to reach. But no body is going to orgasm from the tip. Anyway, it could have been foreplay but it sounds more like she was too afraid to go for it. If a guy gets to that point he's going to want to put the whole thing inside, she probably asked him not to.


angelmonkey - July 12

amanda you have only slept with one person so you woouldnt really know, of course you think size matters i mean i perfer size to techniques but i,ve slept with someone who was quite small but it is how they use it, some have small p___s's and dont know what to do but not all are like that, its not all about long p___s and g-spot you know lol! my now partner is large in size but its still how he uses it! using the tip could be teasing! once you understand s_x better the g-spot means nothing! there are much more exciting ways for your man to please you with out just hitting your g-spot, anyway im not here to give s_xual plesure advice, each to there own


amanda17 - July 12

No I haven't had s_x with anyone but my fiance, but that doesn't mean I don't know anything about having an orgasm during s_x... Yes the tip would be teasing, but that has an effect only as a... you want it to go in more. You can't have an orgasm during s_x unless the p___s, or whatever object you use, reaches the g spot. Sure there are other ways besides s_x to orgasm i.e. playing with the c___toris, but I was only talking about intercourse. If you honestly think it's how you use it, your g spot is most likely closer up... Meaning you could orgasm from something like fingering which I can't because mine is really far back. You really couldn't reach climaxing from just the tip unless he was say, rubbing it against your c___toris.


ashley_1991 - July 12

^ good point amanda, ive only been with my b/f but what your syaing makes perfect sense


AddysMummy - July 12

Lol I'm sorry, I think the G-Spot means EVERYTHING. I don't see how you can have an orgasm without hitting the g-spot. Sure it can feel good to be touched and that but you can't get an orgasm just from that.. sure it makes it exciting to have the tip but it's nothin' special for the girl.. yeah for the guy maybe XD


mizz angel - July 14

I agree bwityh mizz aussie lady or whatever her name is because if I had not been so rebellious and grown as a child I would just be starting my life so to all the adults who come in and give us advice I appreciate although I'm very excited about my new baby thats comin in january!!!!


durante baby - July 14

Hey a___l monkey, love the new name, do you get a new one every month!?!


amanda17 - July 14

*Hi angelmonkey*


angelmonkey - July 14

lmao, oh i see some one has joined who has angel in her name ahh i see so your small minds think its me! ha for one i cant even understand what mizz angel is saying and to i see her baby is due in january hmm well im not due then, but what ever if you all wana think its me then please do i think its funny the way you were all like hello angelmonkey! ha


durante baby - July 14

*psst amanda notice how she pointed out exactly what our point was?* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


angelmonkey - July 14

oh beacuse your point was hiddin! oh im sorry did you think i was more stupid than you thought aww isnt that cute! ok i give up mizz angel is me haha you make me laugh


durante baby - July 14

Ahh Waaaahhh a___l is getting all sensitive now....because Everyone is picking on her again.



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