Has Anyone Ever Had This Happeb PLEASE ANSWER

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Myranda - November 7

Hi im 15 and i have a question to ask anyone who may have ever been pregnant....My period was supposed to have come Oct. 22nd it ended up being 15 days late arriving on Nov. 6th in the late afternoon...I had been having s_x all before and during when the period was supposed to have been due....I was thinking I was pregnant until yesterday, but today what i found was really odd was I had 2 what looks to be fistsize clots that are almost black looking and tough which might have appeared to be a baby and a placenta possibly??? THe thing is I am very active with sports and might have been pregnant and had a miscarriage...Can someone tell me if this is what has happened?


angel - November 7

hi r u in any pain? and is ur bleeding really heavy?


angel - November 7

hi i had a mc back last oct and i had a lot of bleeding lots of clots and a lot of pain. i think for most people they experience pain (not like normal af cramps) with a mc. go c ur dr and they can check u out see if u had one cuz if u did they need to make sure ur ok good luck :)


Myranda - November 7

yes lots of pain but thats not an unusual thing for me and Im also a heavy bleeder to begin with....my bf tho just recently told me tho the doctors told him that he had a 1 in a billion chance of ever having a kid so if it has happened it was that chance


Bonnie - November 7

It's quite possible you had a miscarriage. I read somewhere 80% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage but that most of us aren't even aware when it happens. There wouldn;t be a placenta though, that doesn't become fully developed till the 12th week.


Dear Myranda - November 8

I do not think that you were pregnant. If your period was only 15 days late, and you were preg, The baby and the placenta would be much, much smaller than fist size. Given however the you have had clots of that size, go to your DOCTOR >>>> NOW...... Clots of that size are not normal. (unless miss-carrying a baby a few months of gestational age). No-one on this forum will be able to say exactly what those clots were, but you will need to know yourself, so Please go to the doctor.... I sincerely hope all works out for you Myranda....


To Bonnie - November 10

Er where are you getting your facts from??? 80% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage???? no they dont!! there are such things as chemical pregnancies where they go unoticed but they dont push the figures up to 80%!! Its about 1 in 4 or 25% Read the pregnancy loss part on the left hand side under pregnancy topics.


Jbear - November 10

It's more like 50%, I think. There's a difference between the statistic for diagnosed miscarriages and total miscarriages, because a lot happen before a woman realizes she was pregnant. I had two miscarriages before my first successful pregnancy. They were both very painful, but early enough that I didn't pa__s any recognizable tissue. Sometimes when you have a late period it is heavier than usual. Most sports would not cause a miscarriage, either.



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