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Just a thought - January 24

that when a young girl talks about having a baby, they automatically say SHE? I'm not bashing anyone, it's just something I noticed. my little sister, 7, always taks about whn she's a mommy and she always says she will wear dresses ect. I think most girls dont think bout the possibility of having a boy until they are pregnant. its strange...


ummm - January 24

During my ultasounds my daughter never let us see her genitals.The whole time I refered to the baby as she.As it turned out it was a she.Who knew.


seven - January 24

thats not really true i have always wanted a boy. i wouldnt really care one way oe another but if i could pick the gender of my child i would have a boy


courtney - January 24

omg...thats so true. i even caught myself doing that. im a single mom and only thought about having a girl from day one. towards the end is when reality set in that i could have a boy!! i would of loved him just as much as i do my little girl though!! but thats a very good point!!


not trying to bash - January 24

i wasnt trying to be mean or anything. i even remember myself saying "she" when talking about future kids. its like something most girls automactilly a__sume when talking about their future babies.


me - January 25

kinda true i want a boy and i prolde have one one day like i haveo nly brother and b/f only has brother so he has5 with him slef and ia hve have 4 older brother soand guy are kooler man LOL so iam like yay go guys man and i hope i have one girl i never thought about baby when i was little iwas a tommy boi kindare no but eh


Kristina - January 25

I always called my girl a HE! LOL I had 5 brothers....I wanted a girl so bad that I was convinced I would have a boy! I would have loved a boy just the same though =)


jess - January 25

im 14 i wanted a girl so bad that i convinced myself i was having a boy! so everythign was he and i bought alot of blue. when i gave birth i didnt bother asking what the s_x was and i didnt look until about 15 minutes later my midwife said happy with your girl i was like huh!!



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