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Theresa - November 16

Hey everyone. This is my first time on this site. My cousin told me about this site when she was pregnant so I'm going to use a fake name incase she still comes here. Anyway my question hs nothing to do with pregnancy becuase I am a virgin and there is no way I could be pregnant. But I have noticed that I have several bumps on my genitals. At first it was just one but now there are five. The oldest two are bigger but flatter while the newest ones are more small and bumpy. The bumps are the color of my skin. They are located under my pubic hair but one is on the top part of my genitals. I don't understand how I could have an std. The only thing I can think of is that I got one from using the public restroom. But if I go to the doctor for an std my mother will think that I had s_x and she will literally kill me. Can somebody tell me if they have experienced what I have experienced and found out they didn't have an std. please help.


CAROL - November 16

You should go to your doctor. At first I thought they were ingrown hairs, but those usually are red, not flesh coloured. I don't know if it's an STD or not, but you should go to your doctor ASAP. Or a clinic, like Planned Parenthood. They don't inform your parents, etc. so you won't need to worry about them knowing.


brittany - November 16

definatley go to a physician immediatley. going to planned parenthood is completley confidential and you dont even have to give them your real name. try looking at www.plannedparenthood.com to look for a clinic near you.


jena - November 16

i get them but at the side where ur leg joins on might just be cysts go see ur doc


hell naw - November 16

i think you may have a std but i don't think you could get it from a toilet seat. have you shared a towel with someone who hs an std. if so, genital warts can be spread through clothe and you may have come in contact with some infected clothe of a towel and now you have genital warts. other than that i don't think there is really a way to get any others diseases without having s_x. hope this helps


Theresa - November 17

Thanks for answering everyone. I kinda expected some crazy answers so I will keep the Carol person in mind, but that being said she had some good advice. I am just afraid to take it. I don't think I will go to the doctor unless these bumps start hurting. I am just too afraid. I will wait and see if they get worse and if they do i will have no choice but to go. Well, thanks again.


Helpful - November 17

Do you shave your pubic area? Ingrown hairs can be flesh colored if the have not been irriated.


adult - November 17

Theresa, PLEASE - visit a doctor ASAP It could be nothing more than skin rash - but it could be more serious.


Theresa - November 17

I don't shave but I wax my pubic hair sometimes. Would that have the same effects as shaving?


Jbear - November 18

If it's an ingrown hair, you might be able to see a black dot in the middle of it...the hair that is stuck. If you are worried about a std, you can do a search on "std images" and you will get websites with pictures of the different diseases, which you can compare to your rash. Just to warn you, the pictures I found when I did a search were extremely graphic.



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