Has This Happened To Anyone

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tmgolden - January 21

I met this guy when I was young and everything started to make sense piece by piece our lives were coming together it was an instant romance and great connection and I really thought this was it he was the one after a month of seeing eachother. So I started to imagine our picture perfect fairytale life when all of the sudden it all came crashing down about two months in. He used to drink a lot and party and sleep around before he met me you know the usually teenage guy things. Only one girl that he had a fling with one night got pregnant and called him up to tell him the exciting news....for her because she (I'm not even trying to be nasty here) had some psycho obsession for him that everyone told me about and now thought finally she could make him be with her and they'd live happily ever after....tra..la...la....la....la...in her messed up head. I feel like she came crashing into my now perfect life with this guy and was trying to take over. However he would not go for it and knew she was obsessed and crazy and told her to back off. Then I got pregnant myself before she even had her baby and am really confused about what to do. Because it was a terrible but honest mistake my now fiance made but he made it clear that it was just that a mistake and he was not going to start a family with her and she ranted and raved throughout her whole pregnancy about how he should be there for her and with her and marry her and blah blah blah on she went everything under the sun. I just don't know what to do about her or her baby in a situation like this because we are a perfectly happy family and she is just an obsessed thing from the past that we have to keep being reminded of. I might note that they were not going out she was just a regretful drunken night. WWYD (what would you do) p.s. she's the kind of girl that finds a way to use every little situation to her advantage M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-I-V-E


lunamoo - January 21

I am not sure what your question is? Is it what should or can you do about your fiancees other woman and child? What is there for YOU to do....not much. I suppose your fiancee shoud do the right thing and be equally a father to this other child, pay child support and request 1/2 custody and do his best to raise both children equally. Of course this will need your support and understanding. If he can manage to do this then I think this shows what a great man he is. Personally I wouldn not want to be with a guy who does not take any responsibilty for other children he might have, and by responsiblitiy I mean not just financial. It a tuff situation for you I can imagine, but children are the innocent victims of this and they are the ones that ultimately should get our protection and become our priority. So what are your fiancee's plans? Good luck!!


AyameLovesXion - January 21

Pet_tion for a DNA test first of all (he has to to see if it IS his child.) And that itself is the most important thing. If it is his child he has to care for his mistake, but in the end if he is with you it's his choice. And you should tell her to back off that you guys are getting married.



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