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Starr - August 16

Hi everyone. I've been reading things on this website that pregnant girls have been posting and I have respect for those that are taking responsibility. I dont mean to sound rude, but i just turned 17 a couple weeks ago and at that time i gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, al though i love him more then i can say, you girls have a chance and life and their is plenty time to have s_x and start a family in the future. I know s_x is fun but once u get pregnant ur whole life changes and u cant change it back. To some of u it might not seem like a big deal but it is. I still live with my parents but ever since i told my mom and dad that i was pregnant well that was the end of our normal relationship. My parents r divorced and i used to see my dad every weekend, the day i told him i was pregnant he has not talked to me since. He did come by for a second when his grand daughter was born to hold him for a sec but then he left. I know most of u probably dont care but once u get pregnant u let down ur parents and every one around u. I dont blame my dad for reacting this way although i am mad at him for not talking to me but i understand that hes mad. My mom is very disappointed in me but she has stuck by me through thick and thin. Sry this is long but im just trying to get my message out there. And the amazing thing is, the father of my baby girl Marianna who was my b/f then and is still my b/f has helped me through this and told me that were in this together. I hope that some of u will take my story into consideration before u go having un protected s_x.


Christobal - August 7



??? - August 7

if you had a girl , why do u keep refering to her as "him"?


Starr - August 7

i was referring to my b/f and dad


jess - August 16

not all parents will react like yours did im 16 and im 28 weeks pregnant im having a girl and my mom was mad at first but she knew there was nothing she could do about it now and she has supported me everyday even my bf famliy is really supportive and has said if theres anything they can do to help there always there for us so not all parent take it as bad at first its normal for them to be upset but most parents would stick by there children through thick and thin



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