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Lily - January 23

Have any of you guys didnt know that u were pregnant till you started gaining the weight?? bc since nov i havent had a normal period. its just been light brown spotting. but i havent got a postive pregnancy test yet. but i am gaining weight in my belly. its hard and round like it would look if i was pregnant, it dont roll up. my stomach grew from 25" - 29'" from dec 29 to jan 21...im only 4'11 and 94 lbs, so if i was pregnant any little wight would show....right??


Lily - January 23

so my main question was, have any of yall didnt know yall was pregnant till the weight started showing???


Jbear - January 23

You need to see a doctor. If you're pregnant, you need prenatal care, and if you're not pregnant, it sounds like you might have some sort of cyst or fibroid or something like that.


Lily - January 23



- January 23

see a doctor right now that means a cyst is likr a fluid filled pouch that can keep growing and growing. By the way howold are you


Lily - January 23

im only 16


? - January 23

have you took a hpt you should like asap and go to a doctor weather its negative or positive you could have a serious problem


Lily - January 24

yea, the last time i took one was sometime last week... and it was negitive.


Lily - January 24

Can someone PLEASE tell me what causes a cyst??? and how dangerous is it?? can i die?? plz answer im worried sick. :(


. - January 24



jg - January 24

Don't worry - a cyst is just a little thing that can form on your ovary and it can be very uncomfortable. Go to the doctor as soon as you can and tell them your symptoms, and they will do all the checks. If it is a cyst or a fibroid (mini-tumour, usually non-cancerous) they will organise for it to be treated. Pregnant or not, you want to know what's going on, and the sooner you go to the doctor the sooner you can stop worrying.


Lily - January 24

hay this is to ( . ) someone who is to much of a ya know that she cant even put her name....i cant just jump up and run to the doc, i was asking what it was bc i have never even heard about it. you know %@!& you! im sooo sick of the rudeness of people on this forum! if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say nothin at all.. you dont have to be a b___h.



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