Haven T Taken Test Yet But Really Worried

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Chantelle - February 9

Ok I am 17 years old and lately I have been feeling like someone who is sick 24/7... I have really bad heart burn, peeing all the time, weird sensations in my abdomen, nausea all the time, eating more then usual, occasional throwing up, and mild headaches occasionally... Now I am supposed to start my period this week, but the closest thing to cramps is the weird sensations i keep getting... I don't know if I am pregnant and I am not sure if I should make an appointment with my doctor or wait and see if I do get my period... Please Help Me!


cheryl - February 9

I would just wait and see if your period comes. Give it a week or two. Stress can delay your period, So try to relax. If you do not start in two weeks then you might want to get a pregnancy test or see your doctor. If you need to talk my email is [email protected] I hope I have been helpful.


Chantelle - February 9

See I would wait, but usually I get a big craving for chocolate right before my period, but I have not yet got that craving and when I tried to eat some the other day just to see if I would crave it a little I almost got sick... Instead for the last 3 weeks I have been eating peanut b___ter everyday... I can not go a day without eating it, and this includes even eating it plain on a spoon... I would go to my doctor but the whole peeing in a cup doesn't sound very effective to me... I know people who had that test done and it came back negative yet 6 months down the road they are starting to get a belly... I feel in my heart that I am pregnant but my mind is telling me not to think that way


re:chantelle - February 9

this cheryl is going around pushing her beliefs on everyone and leaving her email so just follow you heart. take a test if you want it might be a little early though. you remind me of me when you said the chocolate graving that is how i know when they are coming and mine are very irregular. your doc. might give you a blood test if you ask. but take care and be cautious ok.


Grandpa Viv - February 9

Chantelle, if you had s_x around Jan 23-27 and these signs started last week, there is a good chance you are getting pregnant. Not every pregnancy sticks, so wait a full week after your period is due before taking any action. You can then choose between taking a home test to see if you get a positive, telling your mom you are late, or going to a doctor who will give you a urine test just like the home test (and give you a checkup, which is a good thing). If you are one of those who do not get a positive early on, the doc may suggest a blood test. Good luck!


Chantelle - February 9

I am a stupid BITCH and I did not pay attention to the words in other peoples posts before being slanderous. Sorry maybe I should mind my own DAMN buisness.


Chantelle - February 9

Ok who in the hell posted the last message under my name???


Chantelle1 - February 9

Ok who in the hell posted the last message under my name???


sorry - February 9

that was not suppose to be your name. I am the gutless person who did not put my name on re: chantelle.


Chantelle - February 9

And by your response what exactly are you trying to say to me?


none - February 9

Not just to you but everyone. I am a stupid BITCH.


ally - February 11

hey im in the same situation as you. but im only 15. i have a home pregnancy test but im too scared to take it :s i dont know what i will do if i am, because it will be my x boyfriends, and he threatened to bash me if i am and i dont get an abortion


Hilary - February 11

Ally~ you need to get away from your ex-boyfriend, even if he IS the child's father.


kristy - February 13

please take my advice if any of you guys are on any type of birth control pills or patches do not smoke it can cause you to have a heart attack I now know that from experince I had one and now I can no longer be on anything other than condoms



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