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nate11 - February 11

yeah sorry you all havent seen me on here in a while but my fiance is doing most of the posting lol. Well it might seem strange but i dont yet live with my fiance because shes only 17 and i dont have a place of my own either. So anyways my fiance and her mother were going to move in with her mothers so called boyfriend, and so i was over at the guys house yesterday and we seemed to be having a good conversation and he told me that as soon as the ladies get all there stuff moved in here then you are more then welcome to live here with us. So hes got me all excited that i was FINALLY going to get to live with my fiance and share the same bed with her as she sleeps and to be right there when she needed me to be there with her. It turns out that his ex wife shows up later that night and changes his mind about my fiances mother and dumps her i guess. That really just made me want to go and punch him right in the face...not only cause he had already promised me that i could live there but because he hurt my future mother in law and i dont really like that at all. Now ive been looking for jobs for about 2 months now and i finally might have a job. Ive already had 2 interviews and i have another one tomorrow with the main supervisor. The job i should be getting is a really good paying job. So i was thinking that if did get that job i could get an apartment and let my fiance move in with me. The problem is that her dad probably wont let that happen because even though he said he is ok with me now i still think he despises me with a passion. So now on to the question after i have already wrote a short story lol....Is there anybody (preferably a guy thats been through this situation before) that could give me some advice on how to get her dad to agree on this idea? because both of my sisters have babies and they have told me that i really need to be there for my fiance these last few months of her pregnancy. Sorry about the short story, lol, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.



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