Having A Baby Is Hard But It S Worth It

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porsha - October 15

ok.listen. im 19 years old, and i have a 5 year old son named cameron. i got pregnant at 14, and he's a miracle because he was born 3 months early. if you get pregnant, the right thing is not to kill it, but keep it. if you are financially unstable or just can't take care of it, and you know it, give it up for adoption. im saying this because there are so many of us who get abortions because we think we have no choice. but we do. sure, if you give up your baby it will hurt you,probobly more than an abortion, but wouldnt you feel better knowing that you put your child first? that's what a real mother does. you'd feel better knowing that you gave your child to people who really wanted it. or, you could give it to a family member. i live with my aunt becaue when my parents found out i was pregnant, they kicked me out. well, during the summer, i got a job at her office so that i could get stuff for the baby. it was really hard for me because i was used to being the popular girl, and suddently, i was an outcast. i didnt have any friends except my aunt. my parents haven't even seen him. for the fist couple of months, i had to be really careful with cameron because sometimes, he wouldnt be able to breath. do you know how panicky a 14 year old girl gets when her baby's turning purple and weezing? well, anyway, i promise that if you just go through the hardships of those fist few months, you wont regret it. i love cameron with all my heart, and if he ever comes to me at 14, or 15, or 16 or something(God forbid) saying he got a girl pregnant, ill support him, and i wont do what my parents did to me because that really hurts.when you have a child, your life really changes. of course it will be hard, but just deal with it. you made it, you keep it, or give it up for adoption. if you're afraid of what your friends will think(which i know a lot of you are) if you cant ake it, go live with a relative for a while, have the baby there, and move back. i am so proud of my son. he just started kindergarden, and he is more talented than ill ever be. if i could go back and change what i did, would i? not for anything.


E - October 15

Although I am pro-choice, I found your story to be incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Good luck Porsha:) I am sure Cameron is little gentleman!!


Jade - October 15

I'm prolife, and I agree with you about the whole abortion thing. I know a girl who got an abortion and she still tears herself up about it, and she probably always will. You sound like you have a sturdy head on your shoulders and I'm sure your little boy will too. He's lucky to have such a loving, supportive mother. Good luck with everything!!!


Katie - October 16

It worked for you but for others they just don't want a baby so guess what, they're going to go out and get an abortion. And hopefully no'ones going to judge them.


porsha - October 17

actually, his father and i arent together anyomore, but he does come and see his son. i think it's best that way because he's in college, and we both agreed not to see each other because we just didnt like each other anymore. and, im not dumb anough not to use protection. we did, but nothing is 100% sure to prevent pregnancy.it's ok that you call me a s___t. it doesnt really matter because i know that everyone makes mistakes. including you. and, all the things i have, i worked hard for it. i do have a part time job, and when cameron hits 1st grade, im going to take cla__ses at a community college.


E - October 17

Porsha, it wouldn't surprise me if the rude poster sticks his shlong anywhere he is welcome and by chance alone, has not gotten a woman pregnant. I have a hard time believing a person who talks like that has any decency or know-how and is here only to put others down.


melanie - October 19

porsha, i think im a mother to be, and you just scared the c___p out of me for some reason.


E - October 19

Melanie, why does her post scare you?


melanie - October 20

because the simple fact that i only thought about the situation with my friend. i never thought about what my parents would say or do. i dont really have any family. it's just my mom dad, and a few aunts and uncles halfway across the country. it just dwned on me that this is going to be a lot of work.


Clayton's mom - October 21

I know what you're saying having a baby is a lot of work, but it really is worth it! I'm 17 and I have an 8 month old son. He means everything to me, I love him more than anything! I was 16 when I got pregnant. I was on drugs and I drank alcohol,Clayton changed all of that. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped all of it! I got my GED. And on February 14 2004 I gave birth to my beautiful son. I woundn't change it for anything!!!!!!!!!!


Snitch - October 21

I get what you guys are saying but it still does not mean at 14-19 you are ready for a kid. Most people deal with the situation they are in.


Calif - October 21

That's all sweet and nice and everything, but by any chance, did my taxes go towards supporting Cameron and yourself? It sounds like you definately made the best of your situation, but there are many things that you will never get to experience in your life because you had a kid, I mean NEVER. I understand that you love your son and you can't imagine life without him, but you'll be working for the rest of your life to support him, if you're not on welfare and single moms aren't exactly top choice for a decent guy. Good Luck to you, glad you're enjoying yourself.


To Calif - October 21

Have you ever had a child? I think you misunderstand. Just because you have a child it doesn't stop you doing everything you want to do for the rest of your life, and no you don't have to work to support them for the rest of your life. Children grow up quickly and before you know it they have become independent. Having a baby is hard yes but it's also the best experience in the world and I doubt any mother that loves her child would say any different. Stop trying to scare people with things that are completely untrue. It doesn't matter what age you become a mother, you always love your kids. Just because you have a child doesn't mean you can't have a life. If it did, no-one would be having kids would they?


Jamiee - October 21

I'm pregant at age 14.. and I would really like advice on what to do! I'm scared of what my parents will think and what they'll do. but still I'm not quite certian if I am or not because I haven't gotten the results back from the hospital yet. Is it painful?


Daile - October 22

Calif, a truly decent guy won't base his decision on who he wants to be with on whether or not she has a child. If is he truly decent, then it won't matter. My brother-in-law happens to be one of the most wonderful guys I have ever met, and he never even met my sister until her son was almost three. Don't try to scare these women into thinking that no man will ever want them, because truth is, the ones that don't want them aren't worth the trouble anyway.


porsha - October 24

i understand waht you're saying,calif, but it's not like that. i just got promoted, and i get paid 16.50 an hour just for sitting around making sure everthings going well with the company and that the meetings are going well. maybe i got the job because of the aunt, but im still going to to my best to get enough money to raise cameron and go to college. now that i step back, i can see how lucky i actually am. i mean, how many teens with kids get paid more than minimum wage for a job? not many.


porsha - October 24

especially at my age!



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