Having Sex A Week Before Having Period

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Summer - May 9

Hi I'm a 16 year-old girl.. My boyfriend and I had s_x a week before when my period is supposed to come.. We used condoms but there was like one time that he didn't use it but he pulled out. I have 28 day cycle and I'm supposed to have period 2 days ago .. Is there a chance that I might be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - May 9

There is some chance. The fact that your period is late suggests that you ovulated late. If you ovulated a full week late, then you had s_x at a fertile moment. You might not have ovulated at all, in which case you have a full month to worry in. It's 9 days since this happened. If you don't feel an early sign or two in the next few days, you are probably in the clear. To set your mind at rest, take a home preg test 3 weeks after that s_x. From now on don't let a p___s near your v____a unless it is properly dressed, and use foam or film as a backup. Good luck!


beth - May 25

im 8 days late, and I had s_x with my boyfriend bout a week or two ago. im really scared. Ive been having a lot of period cramps though, could i be pregnent? or am i gonna have my period?


Lexi - June 5

Are there any other times you are not suppose to have s_x because you are more fertile at that time? What times of the month would be risky to have s_x in fear of getting pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - June 5

Lexi: yes, the day of ovulation and the day after, plus five full days before (sperm lives!). That figures to Days 8-16 of a 28 day cycle. There is lesser risk at other times. If you learn your signs of ovulation (cramps, cervical mucus and discharge, BBT) then starting the third day after ovulation until the end of the month you are in the clear. Explore http://www.ppowb.org/gv/ Good luck.


calesha - June 22

my cousin had s_x two days before her period could she be pregnant?


dude - July 18

I had s_x with a girl but pulled out. She says she was just days from her period, is that fairly low risk for anything happening? It as at least 10 days after ovulation. Thanks


to summer - July 18

yes hunny go do a hpt or go to family planning and get one done


to dude - July 18

no you cant get pregnant then as the egg has come down the fallopian tube and is ready for period she wouldnt have been fertile


dude - July 18

Thank you for answering...I am sure, while the pull out method isn't a sure thing...it helps that she was just days from her period, correct??



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