Having Unprotected Sex Or Want A Baby Read This

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Audrey - February 20

Here's a lovely poem by Nancy Curtis that shows what can happen if you're not careful. It made me think twice when I started having s_x. Teenage Lament The new morality--and freedom! From classes--what a drag From Mom and Dad--always arguing From homework--senseless hours From discipline--useless From Church--a bore I'm my own woman now. Made so by one decision. One hour of love and pleasure. Free now to look at my cheerleading sweater hanging in the closet. My books and basketball schedule resting on the shelf. My material for a prom formal--never made--as it sits amid the remnants of the fabric left over from my maternity tops. My medals from band and choir, forsaken in the clutter of a jewelry box. My friends passing by my window, laughing over the gossip column in the school paper and giggling over who will be the next to experience... The new morality--and freedom! For cleaning--what a drag For him--always arguing For ironing--senseless hours For dishes--useless For cooking--a bore For s_x--a hangup Oh God, if you are there, please let someone take this crying baby off my hands and let my feet dance once more. I am so old. And I was never young.


Mommy2Kylie - February 21

I know exactly what can happen when Im not careful, I don't need a poem to tell me that. I wouldn't trade my life with my daughter for all the 'parties' and 'gossip' in the world


Jessica - February 21

Mommy2Kylie why even say anything?! She did not put anyone down. You really do have an att_tude problem. She was just offering a Poem so that others might think twice. If it doesnt effect you why say anything?


Kay - February 21

mommy2kylie Is wasnt aimed at YOU.There are young girls out there that are confused with s_x , pregnancy ect. this poem clearly didnt put anyone down is the slightest way . Just showing those that are thinking of s_x or wants a baby to rethink there teenage years before giving a new life into the world. Its completly all true and teens mums DO feel this way . Also since you have the " perfect lifestyle " i am sure none of it was at all towards you in anyway .


Mommy2Kylie - February 21

I wasn't being rude... Please don't a__sume things. Im really sick of all the little girls on here a__suming things. You can't hear the tone of my voice by what I type. I understand the meaning of the poem *thanks* I was simply saying I wouldn't change my daughter for all the parties in the world. Im sorry if thats rude. I didn't even think it was towards me. Jessica- I suggest not *ASS*uming things about people, you know what it makes you look like..


Jessica - February 21

I am not a little girl By the way, Please dont ASSUME things. If you did not mean it in a foul way, then type it a little better. What you typed came off rude. Kay also thought what you wrote was a little off, so how can you directly point a finger at me for telling you that you are being rude? So, it really only makes you look like a stubborn person to come back and go off like that. I have read your other posts, and I really do think you have an att_tude problem. I am just being honest. What you typed has "att_tude" to it. I am not the only one that saw it.


Anon - February 23

Bumping this thread up sinc eit has to do with the mommy2kylie one.


RE MOMMY2KYLIE - February 23

I am reading this poem and somehow you made this about you and started another disagreement, what is your problem you are always telling people to not a__sume things about you and yet you do nothing but prove everyone right. This was a lovely sentiment about a teen mom and what she is living and missing, you really do think everything is about you and get mad all you want, for you to a__sume that everyone is directing everything at you is very arrogant and now this is directed at you and you are writing about internet drama and everyone being little girls but it seems to be that you are the one that is a little girl and if you don't want to be called one then stop putting down everyone when they are asking questions or even just making a comment. Go ahead and swear at me and call me what you want I really don't give a d__n , you need to get over yourself and also remember this is a site for teen pregnancy and not called the mommy2kylie's look at me sight, so in short get off of everyone's back and get over yourself.


RE:Bump - February 23

Why would someone bump this thread to cause more drama? You people are sick. You are complaining about someone doing something, but you're doing the exact same thing. So I'll let you continue to make a__ses out of yourselves. People take the internet so d__n seriously. HAHA. Losers.


mommy2kylie - February 23

i am a big loser .


KM - February 23

that kind of makes me sad, I can see how a teen mother could easily be offended by it. Just because you are a teen mom doesn't mean you are a housewife lol.I went to my prom pregnant, I still went out with friends and to parties, I still have fun,I still have my own hobbies, I just make sure my son is priority #1. ( I dont mean this in a rude tone, just calrifying b/c there is some tension on this thread lol)


PAthetic - February 23

You guys are seriously losers. Get lives. Please.


to pathetic - February 24

I really dont get why people say get lives. When we are living and have lives , use more of a better come back which can be offensive ( if you were trying to be )


becca - February 25

2 s your a bit of a loser if you took your time to writ all that which no 1 will actully read any way


To becca - February 25

She copied and pasted it


becca - February 25

o right but still why bother


ajalyn - February 25

Its hard but youll get through it. you learn from your mistakes and sometimes its hard but women are strong and smart so just think bout things and how to do them. That's what i think. Everybody is worth something.



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