He Killed My Baby

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Aisha - August 24

my boyfriend beat me and kicked me in the stomach when i told him i was 13 wks pregnant. ive lost the baby. it wasnt a planned pregnancy but i was looking forward to having my baby. he told me i was gona terminate or else. i didnt think hed really do it. can i prosecute? whys he done this? :(


mel - August 24

I'm so sorry to hear that. You need to go to the police. Go to the doctor if you haven't already and get him to make sure that it was a full miscarriage as this could cause problems for you. Get a report stating that you were 13 weeks and things were fine up until when you go in. How old was your boyfriend? Well hoping now that it would be ex boyfriend!


Aisha - August 24

thanks. yeah hes ex now i never want anything more to do with him ever. hes hurt me so much. i just want my baby back. i didnt even want to have s_x but he kept pressuring me into it and i was stupid and did it. anyway. yes ive been to the doctor and they have made sure everythings okay. and i will get a report and take his filthy a__s to court. i hope he has to go to jail and i hope he gets his a__s kicked. but nothing will make up for what hes done :(


mel - August 24

I'm sure you knwo what they are like with violence against women these days, so he wont get off lightly. Did you have any visable bruising/cuts etc? Photos will prove alot as otherwise it can be hard to prove that he beat you up. How old are you? And how old was he? I'm sorry that you've had to go through such a horrible thing. I hope that you have support around you to help you though the situation, if you want to email me, my address is [email protected] If you'd like to talk about it anymore. I hope things get sorted as soon as possible


Cheryl - August 24

I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you will be alright. I will remember you in my prayers. God bless


karine - August 24

you absolutly need to go to the Dr. to make sure that you did lose your baby. Was any Dr. aware that you were pregnant before???


- August 24

u know that u can call the cops on him!!!!


Aisha - August 24

thanx everyone. well im 15 and hes 19. this happened 4 days ago and i found out when i was about 11 wks and i went straight to the doctor so yeah the doc knew about it and i was getting the right care. i held off telling my (ex) bf bcos i knew he werent gona like it but i never thought it would go this far :( my mom knew id been beaten up but i didnt say who by and wen i started bleeding she took me to the hospital and i lost the baby there. i only got home yesterday and i got a floow up app coming up. but ive listened to all you have said and im gona sit down with my mom and tell her everything. and tell her i wana press charges. i know she will be behind me all the way. thanx again


Mia - August 24

get him for statutory rape while your at it! Good Luck!


hi - August 24

I am sorry to hear about your m/c. It depend on what state you live in. Where do you live? Every state has different laws regarding unborn fetus under 20 weeks. Sorry to say he may get away with killing the baby. You can press charges for the beating. Stay away from him. Take care Aisha and good luck.


Em - August 26

Oh my god! He beat you because you were pregnant? You should sue him or whatever because thats just bad, he should be locked up.


lis - August 26

aww hunni dat basterd has gotta pay!!! dus he not understand dat it woz his fault neway? i mean lyk he woz da 1 hu ddnt wear a rubba!!! dnt w8 ne longa go str8 2 da cops n make dat twat get wot he deserves!!!!!!!!!!! gd luk aisha xXx n plz dnt let him get away wid it xXx


sugarbunnie - August 26

isnt that considered murder he killed a baby! my cousin was killed by a drunk driver and ahen they did the otopsy they found out she was 10 weeks pregnant i dont think she even knew! any ways the guy got 7 years for her death and 5 for the unborn baby! i say get you a good lawyer and put his a__s behind bars where he belongs!!!! he took a life! that is an awfull thing he sholud have to pay for it! i am so sorry for your loss and i think that is an even bigger reason you should tell your mom please dont lat him get away with it good luck let us know how it goes. :0)


kel - August 26

Take him to court and try to get him for all he's worth, see how much time you cna get him in for. In my opinion, that b___d is a murderer


stacey - August 27

kill him i wud


Chrissy - August 28

baby girl it will be okay. like all the other ladies said, press charges.. he'll get his, and believe me if the police won't do anything, he'll get his in the end.. in his own way. stay strong.. your in my prayers



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