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xsarahx_18x - February 25

well.. i posted on here before saying that my bf always gets his mum n dad to pick him up when we've had even the smallest of arguements. anyway he walked out on me last monday n lastnight he came back but while he was gone he only text me once n kept saying he would call but hardly did n i know he has been feeling down because his grandad passed away in december n i try n be there for him but he just pushes me away n goes to stay with his mum n dad. lastnight when he came back we was fine n he was being really loving towards me then we went to bed n i turnt the tv down abit to sleep (it was still loud enough to hear) n he started saying "i still wanna hear it" n getting really funny with me. i thought he was joking but he carried on n i just turnt over n said night n with that he got up n rang his mum to come n get him, but as it was late she didnt so he was ringing other people but they said there get him in the morning. so i woke up this morning n his mum comes to get him n he says hes going to live with his other grandad (hes supposed to live with me) n i said he cant keep doing this to me it's not fair, i havent done anything wrong for him to be like this. i started crying n he just left!! i can't understand why he is being like this, i just wish he had decided that this isn't want he wanted before i got pregnant! another thing he keeps saying its all too much for him! what am i meant to think now?? one last thing.. what do i say to my parents i dont want them to hate him but i keep lying to them about where he is when he keeps leaving me n i need someone to speak to!! its such a mess!!


babyonboard16 - February 25

Wow, what a jerk, I'm sorry he's being like that to you. I really think he's overwhelmed, BUT I don't think he has the right to take it out on you, you are carrying his child, and he needs to show you more respect because of that fact. Sit down and talk it out, if he leaves again, screw him, you don't want someone who acts like a child raising a child ya know?


xsarahx_18x - February 25

thanks babyonboard, but we've spoke about it so many times n he still just leaves me! i rang him earlier n he just sounded like he didnt care, i was crying on the fone n he was just basically laughing at me.. i dont know what to do, i want to be with him but like you said i don't want someone that acts like a child raising one. i think it is that he is overwhelmed but i feel like that to sometimes but i dont treat him the way he treats me! x x


DownbutnotOUT - February 25

Ok so hes overwhelmed alot of men are when the image of a baby in there life suddenly appears. I would suggest he gets some counciling or some type of help before the baby is born. If he keeps treating you like this, laughing at you in the time of your distress I would say Fu** him. I would try to get this figured out before the baby comes because it would be so horrible for you to have the baby and him getting up and leaving all the time. Good luck to you and remember you need to be treated better than he is currently treating you. Also he sounds like hes using any little excuse on why he shouldnt be with you try to talk to him abou that if you can.


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 25

sarah- i have to agree with downbutnotout. what is he going to do when you have that child and it's keeping him up in the middle of the night? walk out on you and the baby? girl he needs to be a man and grow up whatever age he is. my fiance and i, me being 25, have been engaged for 7 yrs and he is almost 2 yrs younger than me, but when he comes to our 3 yr old son and the new baby coming, plus the household things, he acts older and more mature. give your man a taste of riality-tell him to wake up!



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