Heading Out For A Bit

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PreciousBaby19 - October 2

I'm going to be leaving the site for a while and I dont know when I'll be back. Thankx to all who answered all of my questions. I hope the rest of you do well. I hope i'll be back to talk to you all soon. Goodluck!


Tracey-uk - October 3

i really hope you come back xx


PreciousBaby19 - October 3

Hiya. Thankx. I've talked with my husband and with everything oging on we wont be ttc again until my birthday. I have tests being done on me until november 1st and then I wont know the results until a little while after that. so we figure that we wont ttc until my birthday which is december 24th. I figure it will be a great birthday and christmas gift. it gives my new treatment time to be effective...so mostly its for health reasons..so we are excited to take a break and just relax and let all these tests go through..then when thats taken care of the doctor said i should be able to conceive in no time..lol so yayyyy...hehe..and since my birthday is on christmas and i'll be ovulating around that time so it will be special..hehe..so i'm excited. I wont be ttc..but maybe i could come back and still post every once in a while. I'm not gonna disappear...just meant i was gonna take it easy..its easier to relax and not fret about Not ttc when i'm not constantly thinking about babbies..


jennifer_33106 - October 3

WAIT!!!!!!!! DONT LEAVE!!!!!! ok well at least come back every now and then... What are they gonna start? wow I leave for a week and all is changed...


PreciousBaby19 - October 4

I mean I wont raelly leave for like ever. lol i probably just wont post as much. I'll dip in and read what everyone is going on and doing...just trying not to think about babies that much. Lol if you read my journals on piczo you'll see a little countdown..lol thats how long... 2 months 19 days...uhg..seems so long we will be trying again on my birthday..in december..should give enough time for the treatment to be effective.



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