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crombiiex3babiie - January 12

hey guy, okay i have a question...for all of you underage teen moms or dads, do you have health insurance for your baby.? and if so under what thing.? My baby isnt going to be covered under my dads plan so I need to get health insurance butt i dont know how or where. Im 15 so i dont have my own to put the baby under! so yeahh info would b wonerfull =]


MLB06 - January 13

As far as i know if you live in canada, you'll have to pay for coverage on a monthly basis if you dont have a plan of your own .


Julie23 - January 13

which provence do you live in?.... I live in Alberta. When your baby is born you will need to apply for health care for him/her immediataly. In some provences health care is free (like NL) In Alberta it's free for low income people,and if your not low income it's 44 dollars a month. I think its' fine that your covered under your dads, but you will need to apply right after birth for your baby.


LaurenandAtticus - January 13

I'm 17 me and my DS both have insurance under the state. I was on the states insurance when I was prego, so after when I had him he automatically got put on my insurance. It's pretty good health insurance, I know if I didn't have it I would be paying a b___tload of money from who knows where. LOL. Uuummm let's see, I'm pretty sure if you are on WIC or know DHS number (department of human service's) in your state they will give you the info. on how to do it! GL <3


ShaniDee - January 14

Well Mama i live in NYC and there's this thing called PCAP. It medicaid for pregnant women


crombiiex3babiie - January 17

Well; I live in NewYork I was talking to my sister in laww & she told me about insurance that covers the babyy until he.she turns 18 but by then ill b able to put the baby under my own plann she got it through planned parenthood. do you guys know any info. on that>


18wbabynov - January 19

well, in illinois it's called kidcare... just look up the state insurance, kinda like a welfare thing, if u dont make enough money, they will pay for all your prenatal visits, the birth, and up to age 12 for the little one. after the first 6 mos of the baby's life, u will have to have your own insurance though. i would call, or find the new york health department online... ask em about insurance help. its has been a HUGE help to me... and im sure they have something like that in new york



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