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Karen - January 28

Carol is indeed banned from this forum, so I went on the sight that someone posted on here and she is telling people that we abused her, and that she is 20 weeks pregnant, and hopefully nobody will treat her the way this forum did...basically lying about all the c__p she pulled...I am sure if she told them how she got pregnant and slandered them the way she did on this forum, she won't get away with the c__p she did here...I want to get on that forum and say something, but I don't want to start her coming back on here...but she's lying to that forum.


everyone - January 28

the post the gave away the real site is called for the real teens....


sooo - January 28

how pregnant was she when she was posting here?


to sooo - January 28

Like 11 weeks.


to sooo - January 28

I was 4 months pregnant when she first said that she got pregnant by a turkey baster, now I am 8 months and 3 weeks and now she claims she's 20? It does not sound right.


TC - January 28

Just to let you guys know.....She will not be able to get away with that c___p over there. Most of the posters won't have it and if the moderator miss it we would let her know. I think i read some c___p about her, but that was bf people could sign up so that could have been anyone posting as her.


TC - January 28

Oh and let me add...Please don't come over there trying to tell us "who she really is". Let her start fresh and if she is lying then it will eventually come to the light.


to tc - January 28

well don't come over here telling people that do know her to not come there...it is a public forum, now you can go give her that chance you so think she deserves...you might want to ask her for the truth, the turkey baster, and how she says that she could never be on welfare and we all have welfare babies, when she gets your confidence she will start giving advice like she knows everything, she is 15....she can't even get a license, if it was not for her uncle hookinh her up with a job and her older cousin...she would be on welfare too...


to tc - January 28

if she wanted a fresh start, why would she have to trash this forum, so far on the other forum it is all she talks about...yeah, the thousands of people on this teen forum hate carol for her beliefs...boohoo.....she got banned because we all were against her....boohoo


Jbear - January 29

I moderate the teen section on the other forum, and I've read the "Carol" posts here for months...so I do know what was going on and what to watch out for. And TC wasn't telling you to stay away...everyone is welcome...but so far the other forum is very mature and upbeat...no name-calling or random hatred...so if you do come let's try to keep it that way.


TC - January 29

Thanks Jbear. Yeah, my goal was not to make you guys stay away. I just want to keep the other forum free from uneccessary drama.


uhh - January 29

did you not read what carol was saying on the other forum, yes it is upbeat, but carol is slandering this forum...that is NOT making a new start...thats trying to get the cla__sic woe is me carol sympathy......carol got banned from this forum because she was nasty...she does not need to tell these people that she was so sweet and we abused her!!! Carol was a bully lying know it all ant that is why she got banned not because of her views...if she wants to make a fresh start fine, but can she tell the truth??


to tc - January 29

you will get to know the real carol, i give it a week maybe a few and you will ban her from there, i am not even worried about it, she already lied about her pregnancy and us on there, there will be more bullc___p lies. and tc if it bothers you that much on carol, a little clue is nobody likes her here....so just stay on the give poor carol a chance forum..chow



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