Heidi Marie Is Here

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angelmonkey - February 10

just popping in to say Heidi marie was born 8/2/09 at 7.47pm weighing 7lb 14oz and 51 cm....was in labour for 16hours with just gas and air........wil update asap just quickly popping in.............oh and she is gourgous!! ↑


unsure_92 - February 10

Congrats on your Baby Girl


angelmonkey - February 10

ok so i woke up sunday morning at 4am, my waters had broken so i rang my mum rang the hospital and got there about an hour later.........my contractions started at about 4.30am and started at 5mins apart lasting about 30 seconds.......my waters were still leaking the whole way to the hospital and when i got there i went to the loo and some more of my waters broke everyehere! i had alot of water lol! well anyway they checked me at about 7am and i was only 1cm dialted! and was still having contractions between 5-3mins lasting about 40-50 secs they decided they wanted to induce me using a gel that they put on your cervix as my waters had broken which increased the risk of me pa__sing on group B strep the longer she was in there for....so they done that and then the contractions started coming more quik and painful.about 2-3mins apart lasting about a miniute at about 1pm i decided i needed some gas and air...she said they dont this until 3cm so she checked me after i begged her to because of the pain! i was 4cm so they moved me to another room with a birthing ball ect and hooked me up to the gas and air! (it so helped so much!) well another few hours af contraction lasting 1min and 3mins apart they checked me! it was about 5pm and i was 8cm! she didnt think sjhe was feeling the head so i had to have an emergency scan which confirmed it was her head...the doctor then examined me about 5.30pm and i was 9cm!! about 15mins later they told me i needed to push! i really didnt feel the need to but tried anyway! by this point i was to busy concentrating and didnt have the gas and air! that was really uncomfortable i couldnt sit still lol! i was trying to push for about an hour with no progress! but when i think about it i really didnt have the urge to push! but the midwife was being really firm with me and telling me had to push and i was messing around!! (she got a little bit of abuse after that lol) finally i had to have my legs in styrips.....thats when i starting having the urge to push!! and half an hour later Heidi was born!! i have a 1st degree tear that didnt need st_tches! im glad i manegd to do all of it with just gas and air!! its such an unreal sensation pushing your child in to the world and feeling every bit of her entering the world!! im b___st feeding she latches on easy and she,s wonderful and such a good baby!


newbaby2009 - February 10



amanda17 - February 10



Teddyfinch - February 10

grats on your baby girl.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - February 11

I bet she's gorgeous. Congrats to you guys.


pfcwife - February 11

omg congradulation.. i had a feeling that you went to labor when i hadnt seen you on lately, my friend er baby boy this week so im excited for both of yall.... hows mother hood treating you?


V9653 - February 12

Congrats on the angel, and on the pretty simple labor!!! I mean no labor is simple but heck you pushed out an almost 8 pound baby and didn't need st_tches. God, my son was less than 6 pounds and I had to get st_tches!!!!! CONGRATS!!!


angelmonkey - February 12

thanks guys! motherhood is great! b___stfeeding is great! im expressing and feeding straight of the b___b! i really love b___stfeeding her! i love getting up for her everytime she cries! the second night was rough she wouldnt settle for more than 20mins so thats when i started expressing as i know how much she,s getting............i have to say its nothing like i expected! its even better!! i will put pics of her on myspace soon! V i know right!! my midwife was great! she was talking me through when to push when to pant how much to push ect so i wouldnt tear and wow it worked lol! except for the tiny tiny tear lol!


angelmonkey - February 14

just letting you know that i put lots of pics up of Heidi on myspace and facebook



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