Hello Again

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lil-miss-saunders - September 27

Just re introducing myself really! I used to come on here a lot ages ago but stopped when the site became silly & full of arguements! Im now 18 and have a beautiful baby girl named Courtney Leigh who is 10 months old! Im here to give advice & help those who need it! Congrats to all of the pregnant mummys out there! & hopefully i'll hear from you all soon :)..x


Carly XxX - September 30

hey i remember u! i dont see many other ppl who were on here when i was preg like emma 2, hannahbaby etc. my lil girl is 18 months old so i was quite heavily pregnant when you got pregnant!


lil-miss-saunders - September 30

Gosh i didnt think anybody would still be on from that far back! Its good to see a familiar name :)! 18 months old already! Jeez it goes fast doesnt it! ..x


Carly XxX - September 30

i know, i cant believe it. i like seeing ppl from the 'old days' on here too lol.are you pregnant again or ttc? we are planning to start ttc #2 nxt year


AddysMummy - September 30

I remember you a bit lol.


lil-miss-saunders - September 30

When my daughter was about 5 months old i started to get really broody again. My partner felt differently though he wants to concentrate on our little girl abit 1st so thats what we're doing at the moment! I hope the ttc goes well for you! How long did it take you to get pregnant with your little girl or wasnt she planned?..x


Carly XxX - September 30

she was a happy accident :) i am already getting really impatient lol but i know its best for us to wait till nxt year. do u still feel the same way?


pfcwife - September 30

i rememeber you when i first started on here but then you left.. at that time i wasnt pregnant and out of the blue i am 16 weeks pregnant now... im glad you are doing well and your daugter is also


lil-miss-saunders - October 1

Yea definitely! The weird thing is though i wouldnt really say i "enjoyed" being pregnant, i didnt dislike it but i didnt really enjoy it either. I certainly didnt enjoy labour but i just cant wait to go through the whole experience again :) Thats great pfcwife i recognise your name too:) Aww 16 weeks pregnant! Congrats!! Hows it all going?..x


angelmonkey - October 1

hey you said there was osmeone callled ahnnahbaby i think i seen a post of hers in th e1st tri board so i think she,s still around


Carly XxX - October 2

i was the same with faith, i really didnt enjoy being pregnant even tho my pregnancy was really easy. labour wasnt tho lol i remember you too pfcwife, congrats on your pregnancy i hope all is going well x



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