Hello I Am Preg Too

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Sharney - November 5

hi gurlz i am 16 and 6 mnth preg. Daddy has taken off, so I am basically alone. I live wit my sister who is 22. I got preg cos i was stupid and thought that it would never happen to me and didnt take proper precautions. I dunno wot it will be like to be a mom, i guess pretty hard, but i will give it my best shot :) I am gunna go to school still cos my nana is gunna take care of my baby while im at school i am having a girl, and gonna call her either Ella or Isabel


love - November 5

im 14 and only have 3 days left hope your pregnancy and birth go well keep me posted


Anon - November 5

Sharney, I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy. It's good that you are going to finish school and such, because you little girl will need someone to look up to. My sister had her first baby at 16 and she is now a proud 35 year old single mom with 2 boys. She owns her own home, and car. She is doing so well. But it was very very hard for her. she said the only thing that drove her, was her kids. so you CAN do it...just dont ever ever give up. PS. Isabel is a beautiful name =)


KM - November 5

Good luck Sharney, it is hard but you can do it. You are already taking a good step for you and your baby by finishing school. Hope everything works out for you!! :)


kimberly - November 13

hey im 16 also im only 17weeks im not sure of the s_x yet of my baby. my mom had my older sister at 17 and im on her path she isnt a bab mom now but before she wasnt there. i dont want to be like my mom in most ways but in some i do i love her much but she did teach me on how i want to be a mom. im gonna love my baby with all my heart and i worry already if the baby is fine i just want someone who is also going throgh the things i am at this time to talk to so if you do want to talk my email is [email protected] and i have msn messager so fill free to write me


vanessa - November 18

hi i'm 17 and i'm 8 week pregnanat and my mom had me when is was 15 and she told me no to be like her but look i'm just like her in some ways so if some one wanna talk e-mail me at [email protected]



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