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bowlergurl07 - May 7

im 16 and 16 weeks pregnant and the father left first he said he wanted and abortion then said it wasnt his after i told him i wasnt gonna get an abortion and im just so alone my family doesnt talk to me anymore cause of this and i just need someone to talk to


Corrine321 - May 7

Hey, Im 15 and 33 weeks and 6 days pregnant... If you need to talk e-mail me or add me to msn [email protected] XOXO!!


shesdymed - May 7

im 16 around 32 to 3 weeks preg right now :) . if u need someone to talk to my email is [email protected] . hope all is well for u :)


shesdymed - May 7

i mean 2 to 3 . lol sorry


Evonna - May 7

That's why young girls 'till this day should think before they get themselves in this type of situation. I'm not downing you but i think that's the reason why we are so hard on you very young teens. I feel very sad for you and cannot believe your parents aren't talking to you because of this. I don't want you to get an abortion either, but not having family to support you is very sad. How old is the father?


Mommy - May 7

I'm so sorry that you are having a hard time. I commend you for not aborting as well. Are there any places that have programs for young expectant mothers where you are? If you are in the US, most states have Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids, Womens' Shelters for single moms or pregnant girls with nowhere to go, and some have special schools where girls can finish their cla__ses and have their babies. Women Shelters also have counselers to talk to you about how you are feeling and it's free as long as you are going to work or in school. Good luck and hope you have a healthy pregnancy.


electronicandy - May 8

Hi :) I'm 21 now, but I had my first at 17. Things can get rough, but if you keep a level head everything can really work out in your favor. Luckily, I had the full support of my family and everyone around me, but trust me when I tell you this... your family *will* come around eventually. It may not be until after the baby comes, but they will. Accept how things are now and make the best of it. Find a way to keep yourself busy. As for the boyfriend, screw him. He's probably not someone you want in your life anyway if he can turn away his own child like that... Good luck and stay on these boards. You've always got people around here to talk to. :P If you go to you can find a birthclub, which is a forum with nothing but other women due the same time as you. Sorry this is so long, but just trying to make you feel welcome. :) -Monica


bowlergurl07 - May 8

the father is 17 be 18 during the summer i just cant belive he would do this to me and his child he needs to step up and be a man now as for my family the really only person i have is my cousin thats 18 be 19 in fall he said he would help me with anything i need and kinda try to be a father figure to the baby he wants to do this i didnt even ask but he is graduating highschool the 23rd and starting college and i think im letting his throw his life away by helping me but he says hes not



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