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sassysarah - March 6

my b/f & me had s_x last night and the condom broke. where can i ge that pill to not get pregnat and can i get it by my self?


Terio - March 6

From what I remember hearing, you can buy Plan B over the counter without a prescription at your pharmacists, once you have proof that you're 18 or older. I don't know if that varies state to state or not. Or, if you're in college maybe try the Heath Center, or even calling Planned Parenthood might be good and they could give you info, as well. You've got either 48 or 72 hours to do it (can't remember which it is). Good luck.


moescrilla - March 6

I dont know if it varies state to state either, but in texas you have to be 18 to buy it over the counter. Or - if you see your dr., he can give you a prescription for one (they have one thats a prescription too) Just some advice: you can go to the "free clinic" (thats what we called it here,) that has you see a dr. and will put you on birth control - and I dont think parents have to know about it. You can also get free condoms there as well. ( I know you said you used a condom, so just lettin you know) When was your last period???


sa__sysarah - March 6

thanks. my last period on febr. 20/21. not sure exacly.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 6

Planned Parenthood has Emergency Contrception and they can give it to you and it would be confidential...some have it and give it away for free when others charge 50 dollars


sa__sysarah - March 6

thanks. tried to go by planned parenthood today but were closed. dont know if id of gone in any way cause im so nervus. souds stupid i know to be nervus. not sure but might be ovulating. have a lot of clear sticky dranage. itd be about the right time for it. right? is it 48 or 72 hours to take the pill?


Terio - March 7

Omg, don't be scared at all. Google 'Plan B' and read up a little. It's the unexpectedly ended up pregnant that you should be nervous about (lol). Anyway, it's 72 hours. Also Sa__sysarah, I'd do it as soon as possible and not push it near the 72 hours. I'd bet it's one of those things they're pretty strict with dispensing if you're past the allowed window. Good luck and relax.. it will be fine.


Grandpa Viv - March 7

The sooner you take Plan B after a contraceptive malfunction the more likely it is to work. You were close to ovulation yesterday. Someone male or female over 18 can get it from most pharmacists, by a recent federal law. Don't delay. Good luck!


sa__sysarah - March 10

thanx 4 the help. didn't get the pill but read chances of getting pregnat are only like 20%. guess ill find out n 2 weeks. keep your fingers crossd.


PinkandBlue - March 10

Great hope your preggo, obviously you're hoping to be or you woulda taken the pill. Don't be put off by the 20% chance figure, by the dates you posted i would guess your chances are much higher!!!!


sa__sysarah - March 11

not hoping 2B. had trouble getting hte pill. keep fingers crossd thta im not.


MRN - March 11

pinkandblue is right the chances that you were ovulating around the time of your contraceptive failure are high. I wouldn't practice contraception based on percentages. In the event that you aren't pregnant you may want to consider some type of birth control such as the pill, depo, etc in addition to condoms. Doing this would provide you a second line of defense against pregnancy in the event of another contraceptive failure ie.. another condom breaking. Good Luck and let us know what happens.


babyonboard16 - March 11

You can get it at planned parenthood and you need to take it soon, its abouit 60 bucks for it all, but after that you have a year prescription of it and 20 bucks everytime you could need it after that, good luck and be sure and call them. No it didn't work for me.



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