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Nathalie - August 4

I’m 14 and pregnant. I live in a convent and attend a private school. I need someone to talk to about my pregnancy and problems. It is very hard for me because I live on my own. My boyfriend is very supportive but he’s currently away right now. I can’t talk to any adults at my school because they’ll have no respect for me. Sex before marriage is an extremely massive sin for Christian Catholics. I’m so stressed out. I was thinking of abortion and my boyfriend agrees with me. I know it’s cruel but there are no other choices for me. My parents and boyfriend are back in Washington and I’m here alone in Nebraska… with no relatives or trusted ones. I’m afraid of letting my parents know. They’re really strict, the kind of strict you cannot imagine. My whole family is strict. No one's supportive. They've never been supportive. I'm a nobody in the house. I know this cause I've observed everything in the family living for 14 years. What should I do? I can’t tell my parents and I’m not planning on corrupting my life with a baby. I need help.


SaRaH - July 19

How old is ur boyfriend? Maybe u can talk to his parents and see if they can help u because ur family is mean and abortion is not a good answer! I am sorry this has happened to you but i hope that u make the right decision!! GOD BLESS U!!


J.J. - July 19

I am almost in the same situation, I'm 20 and pregnant, the b/f is here...But no family or anyone else. you can email me at [email protected] If you wanna chat about whatever, I would be happy to sit and talk with you.


brucen - July 22

Nebraska requires one parent being told 48 hours before a teen abortion, but you do not need their consent. On the other hand, Washington state requires neither parental consent or knowledge. Talking to your parent may not be as bad as you think.


Riley - July 24

WOW Your story seem similar to mine. There's no way I am telling my parents. I know how it feels hun. Don't worry. The thing you need to do right now is find something trustworthy to talk to. It helps A LOT! Having a baby at age 14 sucks. How many months are your pregnant? Well if you don't need parent consent for abortion in Washington, you should fly back there and get it. Good luck girl. I hope you make the right decision.


feeling sorry - August 4

I think that just being worried about what people think is stupid. I'm not trying to be mean and I'm sorry If i came off that way. It's not the babys fault that it's been created. It doesn't deserve to die. Give up for adoption. I personally wouldn't kill it. It's not about you or your family, it's about your baby. Tell your parents even though they wont be supportive. They have a right to know. I hope everything works out. goodluck


Steph - August 4

I usually would be all pro- choice for ya... if I really thought you ahd a choice... given your situation... the best thing would be to abort... depending how far in you are you can always talk to your local docter( not the nurse at the convent... if there even is one I know nohting of catholosism) ... if ya need someone to talk to or anything... dudette6677 on AIM ... I've been doing a lot lot lot of research on pregnancy since my boyfreind and I had a bit of a scare... I don't know much but I can always try ;-) ... if you need to find a state where you don't have to have parental permission or parental knowledge : Connecticut, hawaii, New York, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Washington D.C. ... all have no requirements as far as parental knowledge. So if you were able to go home... you parents wouldn't have to know or give consent about an abortion.... Good Luck



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