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Brittney - March 22

ok I'm 16 and I know my mom would totally kill me if she knew I wanted to be on birth conrol, and shed even make me stay away from my boyfriend. But I want to be on it so when/if we do become sxually active it'll already be in my system. But how am i suppose to pay for it? Is there anyway to get is cheaper?


Audrey - March 22

Brittney- It's smart of you to want to get on birth control if you know you'll be having s_x at some point. Try sitting down with your mother and talking about it, she should understand that you are being responsible. You need a doctor's prescription to get the birth control pill, but just in case you could buy condoms. Best wishes!


Melissa - March 22

You can go to your local health dept. Most will give you BC with out having to pay. Or sit you mom down and just explain things, i'm sure she will be happier to put you on BC then to have you get pregnant. :)


Grandpa Viv - March 22

Yeah, the Health Department will certainly be cheaper, and so will Planned Parenthood (1-800-230-PLAN). Have you thought about asking the boyfriend to pay? Of course, you'll be wanting to use condoms too, as backup security and for the STD prevention habit , so there'll be that expense as well. For occasional s_x you might consider condoms with v____al foam/film as a backup, plus staying away from your fertile window days 8-16 of a 28 day cycle. That combination is as safe as the pill, which is subject to failure when you accidentally forget to take one on schedule.


Bex - March 22

Wow, just reading here and I never realised that you had to pay for the pil in America (I'm in London). We get it free from our GP - condoms are also available free from family planning clinics. No wonder there are so many teenage or unwanted pregnancies in the states!!!


Princess Sparkle - March 22

I applaud u, u are a very smart girl who has to be given credit. People come here and slander teens, but after reading your post Brittney id say that you are a fine example of a teen. Good on ya girl!!! Best of luck, and btw maybe ask your school nurse?


Marie - March 22

It is good that you want to do the right thing by protecting yourself from pregnancy. I was in the same situation once, when I thought my mom would kill me if she knew I was having s_x. As it turns out, she wasn't mad or upset with me, and she still let me see my boyfriend. ;] Try explaining to your mother that you're not going on birth control because you want to have s_x, but that you want to be prepared for anything. Maybe as an example suggest to her that if something were to happen...perhaps even at a party, and someone were to rape you, that you wouldn't want to end up with some strangers baby inside you. You don't even have to mention your boyfriend. I told my stepmother that I wanted to go on the pill by writting her a letter, because I didn't feel that I could say the words to her personally. That might be of some help to you. After I told her she only explained to me that if I chose to have s_x that I was making the right choice, and that I was doing it for the right reasons. You might be suprised by your mothers response, and she might be very proud of you for being responsible.



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