HELP 16 Year Old Sister Pregnant

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Nicole - April 17

My sister in law is 16 and just found out that she is pregnant. She told her parents and they flipped. She came to me because they are urging her to have an abortion and she does not want to. They are making discusting remarks, threats, etc and her own sister has turned against her. I am willing to help her in everyway, but now her parents/family is upset with me and accusing me of incouraging her to have this baby. Her parents were very neglectful to her and are responsible (as far as I'm concerned) for her getting pregnant. Do I continue to help her keep this baby and not care if my husband's family ends up blaming me for the rest of this childs life? Or should I tell my sister-in-law that I cannot continue to help her and that she needs to listen to her parents? HELP!


Hope this helps - April 17

I think that you should continue to help her. Abortion isn't right. I think that when they see the baby they might have a change of heart ( that's how it goes sometimes). And if the parents haven't really been there for her, there is no room for them to talk about her. She needs your support right now. Encourage her to do what you know in your heart is right. Once they see that beautiful baby they have to loosen up.


I agree - April 17

I totally agree with "hope this helps." She came to you for help - so it's your obligation to help her in every way you feel best, and not be influenced by what other people (including her family) are forcing her to do. Who cares of what they think of you? Granted it's your in-laws...but just because you want your inlaws to like you isn't a reason to turn your back on your sister-in-law. I hope your husband also sees your side and understands. Maybe he can help smooth the waves? Stand strong girl. This one's tough, but I bet it's not one you'll grow to regret.... Good luck!


Audrey - April 18

Nicole- Your in-laws are blaming you for your sister-in-law's situation? That is completely uncalled for. She must feel bad enough living with the fact that she's pregnant, only to have her parents screaming at her to get rid of it. I say you are right to support her. Keep her informed about her options, but but it's ultimately her decision as to what to do. Best wishes!


katie - April 18

I think that you should continue to help her..after all she came to u for help and she obvoiusly doesnt want to hav an abortion...and i think tht her parents will come round to the idea eventually..they cant hate her forr the rest of there lives after all she is there daughter..anyways she need ur support rite now to help her through this so plz stand by her gd luck and best wishes xxx katie


amber - April 18

i think you should do what you feel. the gurl has no one else to turn to but you. dont turn on her.



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