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Haylee - November 16

if your partner c_ms inside of you a few days or a day before your period will you still get it if your pregnant?


$weetne$$ - November 16

anytime during ur cycle, including during ur period, dat you have unprotected s_x, u run the risk of getting you can still get pregnant at the time u indicated, even though it may b ur most unfertile time, but it all depends when u ovulate


haylee - November 16

i know but what if you get pregnant two days before your period..will you still get your period or no


T - November 16

Haylee - You can become pregnant before, during and after your period. But the chances of becoming pregnant two days before your period are very very slim. But its not impossible. The most high risk time or becoming pregnant is during your fertile time which is usually 14days from the 1st day of your period. (on a 28day cycle) But if you do become pregnant two days before your period then you will still get your period. It may be lighter or just normal flow for you. It usually takes 3/4days for sperm to reach the egg and fertiliise it, so it will have no bearing whatsoever on your period. But its highly unlikely you will be pregnant but its not impossible. Like I've said above. All I can advise you is not to worry and dont stress. Just tell yourself your not pregnant so you wont stress out loads or worry too much. Because this may delay your next period. If you begin to experience symtpoms about 2 weeks after you had s_x then there is a chance you may be pregnant. If you experience no symptoms then dont worry. Your probably okay. But if your next period is late then do a pregnancy test. If its negative you probably aren't pregnant but if you still dont have a period 7days later than do another pregnancy test. If the tests keep coming out negative and you are having pregnancy symptoms then I would advise you to see your doctor for a blood test. Take Care!! :o)



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