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Bambi123 - April 23

Hello everyone! I no i posted a lot of different comments here but i just trying to get as much answers as i can..and some of you seen cinfused about wat i wrote in my comments. so i am here now to set ya all straight..i am 16 i live in ireland i found out i was pregnant on the 1st of april. i told my boyfriend age 19.. he is happy about it...but he does not talk about it much. but he always cheaking if im ok..we both did not tell our parents but we will soon.. our baby will have a good life.. so people stop hateing !!! bye bye Bambi (SABRINA)


amanda17 - April 23

I think you should make it very clear to everyone... Where you trying to conceive or not?


Bambi123 - April 23

amanda17 no i was not ttc


iona - April 24

So, unplanned in your situation equals totally unprepared. TELL YOUR PARENTS NOW! What are you waiting for!!?!?!


amanda17 - April 24

It's really hard to tell your parents and I understand why you're waiting. I didn't start telling people I was pregnant until I was almost out of the second trimester and starting to show. It's a really scary thing to do, but it's best to get it over with.


Bambi123 - April 27



mama4andmore - April 27

Bambi as you know your parents wont be happy. Try not to share your joy with them until they are beginning to come around. They are going to probably be angry. They will also be very confused when they find out and for while(the same as you were). Like many people know I was a teen mom and I am now an adult so I really know. But the sooner you tell them the more time they have to adjust and accept your pregnancy. Most likely they won't except it until the 3rd trimester or possably until the baby is born. You may not understand why they aren't happy and may want them to be dont push them eventually they will find joy in their grandchild. We all want the best for our children and we as parents try to plan the most productive happy life for them and I truely believe that for parents finding out that their teen is pregnant is extremely hard to know that their child is going to endure extreme heart ache and stress way before they have to. Don't get mad at their reaction they just didn't plan this for your life, but stay in school and be as responsible as possible and began by getting prenatal care. I wish the best of luck for you and your family. I hope that your baby is healthy. Just bite the bullet and tell them. It will seem more grown up of you to tell them rather than hearing it from another source.


Zabbee12 - April 28

hi this is my first time on this site and so far i'm enjoying reading the views and opinions of everyone so far.... my answer to you Bambi123 is to tell your parents as soon as possible. i have friends who got preggo at the age you are now and yes their parents basically went psycho but what do you expect,..... to them you are still their baby girl and they will feel terrible at first... so i really agree with mama4andmore on telling them. you also need to look at the health of you and your baby because the longer you take to tell them the more you are putting the both of you in prenatal danger risks honey you need to tell them. and one thing you dont need right now is to stress out yourself even more than you probaly already are, that is bad for you both... but i would like to tell you that after this baby is born you should protect yyourself from then on because its hard already to have a baby so young and it would be even tougher to find out you are having another one right after. TELL YOUR PARENTS NOW AND TAKE CARE OF YOU AND YOUR BABY OK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bambi123 - April 29

Hello (mama4andmore) i love my parents and my parents love my boyfriend but im so scared to tel them :( they dont even know that i had s_x now im pregnant they will kil me.. i no its a big thing but i want them 2 be happy.. i will take care of my self and my baby. when he/she is born.. thank you so much 4 ur comment u are really nice xxxx :)


mama4andmore - April 29

Bambi don't expect them to be happy right away especially when you tell them. But look to the future and they will find happiness and joy in their grandchild. I was 14 when i got pregnant with my 1st. My parents knew I wasn't a virgin, but they didn't know I still had s_x either. You are probably scared of disappointing them, but we ALL make mistakes. Remember GOD has bigger plans for our lives than our parents and even our selfs.Take care and be sure to get some prenatal vitamins.


Bambi123 - April 30

Hello :D Zabbee12 Thank you very much for you coment :):)


Bambi123 - April 30

hello mama4andmore im going to the doctors tomorrow for the firsh time xxxxx


mama4andmore - May 2

That is great that you are able to get to a doctors. I hope things are going ok. I was just thinking about you and wondering if you have told your parents yet or if you have came up with any plan.


angelhdfd - May 3

stop picking on the girl i'm 16 and pregnat and i see abosoulutly nothing wrong with it.


angelmonkey - May 3

whos picking on her!! idont see know one picking on her!


angelmonkey - May 3

welll recently anyway!


angelhdfd - May 3

yeah exactly not RECENTLY!



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