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pregnantcowgirl - April 7

im 13 and pregnant dont have a clue what to do! the only person i told is the father i think im about 6 weeks help me plz any advice is always welcome


corinne - April 7

At your age its best to go to your parents. You may be scared but they need to know.


young_mum_2_b - April 7

wow, your a brave girl. i'm 16 and i think i'm young...but yeah corinne is right, tell your parents. it's a scary thought but they will help as much as they me :D


Corrine321 - April 7

Hey- I know you have no clue on what to do, Ive been there... Im 15 and 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant, I got pregnant at the age of 14... Its very hard telling your parents, I ended up telling my mom through a note... I was so scared.. but like the other girls said you should tell your parents as soon as possible! If you would like to talk then just e-mail me or something! [email protected] Just remember once you tell them it might be bad... but everyday it gets better!! Good Luck Sweetie!!


pregnantcowgirl - April 9

i dont know if i can tell my parents thed freek out so much expeshaly my dad he freeked when a guy called me so i dunno


pregnantcowgirl - April 9

im gonna try to buy som stuff for the babby what are the basics that i need?


AudreyC - April 9

Your parents need to know and you absolutely should see a doctor. At 13 your body hasn't finished developing and having a baby to term will be painful and dangerous. Best wishes!


pregnantcowgirl - April 9

i will try to go to the doctor but wont he tell my parents/ i dont think ill tell them till im close to my due date that i dont know yet how do you figer it out?


maren - April 9

hun being that your 13 there is really no way around not telling your parents. Yea they will be mad what parent wouldnt be mad that there little girl is pregnant. But you know what they are your parents and they love you, so even tho they are mad they will still be there for. Because they know that you will need them. Since you are 13 if your parents were to ask your doctor why you were there your doctor i believe would have to tell them. I think that minors medical information can be accesed by there parents untill they are 15 or 16. It is very unlikely that you could hide your pregnancy from your parents until your almost due. And if you do happen to manage to do so, i believe it would up set them more to know that you hid it from them instead of being an adult and talking to them about it. Your going to be a parent soon its no longer about you the baby runs the show right now, and i think hiding your pregnancy from your parents puts BOTH you and the baby at risk. As hard at it will be to tell your parents they will be able to help you out so much with this. I didnt tell my parents i was pregnant for awhile after i found out and it was so hard to see them and talk with them. I felt akward like they would figure it out on their own or that some how they would find out through someone else. It wont be easy but they are your parents and they love you they probably will be mad but they wont hate you, Believe it or not your parents love you more than anything else in the world.


pregnantcowgirl - April 9

i realy hoped i wouldnt have to tell my parents but u guys r right i still cant belive im pregnant though


Blackeye - April 10

Hello! Im new here... I understand everyting you are going through! But your parentes love you and they will support you. You are young..Your parents knows what to do. If you want to be a good mother for your baby you tell your parentes. you ow it to your baby!


corinne - April 10

Hey pregnantcowgirl go by the saying COWGIRL UP. Tell your parents asap and don't try and hide it they will have no trust for you at all if you do that.


Valerie Ortiz 10-18-90 - April 10

i think that you should tell your parents..... they will be in shock that there baby is havin a baby but eventually they will get over it.. so just tell your parents asap


Valerie Ortiz 10-18-90 - April 10

the best thing to do is tell you parents... yeah there goin to be mad cuz there baby is havin a baby but eventually they will get over it. so tell your parents


Blackeye - April 10

You will do great...Let me know how it goes:) If you need anybody to talk to let me know...


pregnantcowgirl - April 10

i dicided to talk to a doctor first them maby tell them and get an altrasound then just hand that to my mom and see what she says iv been barrle racing still ill have to stop at i think 5 mothes ill ask the doctor. who thinks i should move in with the father?


maren - April 10

how old is the father im a__suming he is around your age if so im not sure his parents would like that. If there is no reason to leave your parents house i say dont



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