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baileygirl - February 8

okay i took a pregnacy test about december 26 and it came up a very light positive and i dont know if i am pregnant or what.My periods have all so been out of wack.Like i was supposed to start on the 16 of january but i started on the 16 and this mounth i started on the my periods have been really crazy latley.And my br___t are a little tender,and i keep on getting like muscle spasums in my abdomen.So im like really confused.can u help me????


baileygirl - February 8

i ment to say i was supposed to have my period on the 16 of january but started on the 13


Grandpa Viv - February 8

Why are you expecting periods after getting a positive pregnancy test? It seems you might be close to the end of the first trimester, evidently with minimal signs. You may get occasional spotting and light bleeds during pregnancy, but not full periods. Maybe you are not convinced you are pregnant. Take another test - it should give a good strong positive almost immediately. Did you take a preg test Dec 26 because you were a week late? That means you got pregnant the first week of Dec, last good period Nov 21, due date Aug 28. IM ppowb if you need to talk more. Good luck!


Blackeye - February 8

Take a new pregnancy test or go to the doctor. You might not be pregnant if you have your period. But if you are you have to go to the doctor. You can imagine this pregnancy and than maby something is really wrong with you. If you take the pregnancy test at the wrong time than it can be positive and you can have imagine signs and you just have the stress out since your period is coming at weird times.


tryin44 - February 8

Check her story out on general pregnancy section. I think she is just a bored little kid playing around because her story is completely different.


babii_boo91 - February 8



babyonboard16 - February 8

if its light ur probably pregnant thats how mine started like that


lunamoo - February 9

YES THIS IS ANOTHER FAKE, check out the General Preg board as the above girls mentioned. It is amazing how easy they are to spot these days, but I am just shocked at how many are out there! And they post as guys as well. Oh well, let us not respond anymore.


AyameLovesXion - February 9

Get a life.



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