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help - April 14

Can someone please help me! I have a 2 year old son and he is makeing me so mad right now. I love him more then anything but some times I just dont know what to do. He is in his terable 2's and he's driveing me mad.He does not lisson to me at all.He makes so many messes that I cant keep up with him.He realy likes to spill drinks and get into the fridge and stuff like that. He likes to tont me and make me chase him. I know these are all things that 2 year old's do, but it's heard for me because im the only one who takes care of him. No one helps me, not my mom his dad no one.Im all alone and I need sone advice.


help - April 14

some advice


terrible 2's - April 14

Honey, you're in the terrible 2's. There's not much you can do. Just realize your son is simply testing his limits, seeing where the boundaries are. You need to be firm, yet loving and supportive. This too shall pa__s. Everyone goes through the T2's.... I'm sure you did as well and look what a wonderful woman you turned out to be! No worries... .just breathe deep and keep your head up. It'll pa__s.


Alison - April 15

My only advice to you is be patient with him, he will eventually grow out of it.I am the mother of 3 kids and 1 on the way, I know what your going through.Be patient and everything will work out. Good Luck


Audrey - April 15

Help- Children are like this, they try to push the boundaries to see what they can get away with. You need to be more firm with your son and let him know what the rules are. If he acts up, ignore him. He'll soon get the message that you won't rise to his bait. You might invest in some spring locks for the cupboard doors so he can't get into them easily. Best wishes!


help - April 15

Thank you all sooo much all of you have been very helpful. I think that I do let him get away with alot of stuff.I'ts just, he's so cute and he uses it to his advantage. Does anyone know of any realy good parenting books? I think I should realy go and get some.



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