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britney - September 10

i'm only 15 and i am 2 months pregs wiv my 3rd baby. wot should i do? i don't want to kill my baby!


HOLEY $HI -|- - September 4

WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?PROTECTION ISNT ROCKET SCIENCE.i mean d__n!if i had a kid,ide use protection for like the rest of my life till i wanted another child!the way i see it,is your stupid for doing that..if your 3rd baby was a mistake thats a problem all on its own,i suggest first getting a life together..sorting things out.because thats the only way you can still save this baby.the past is made and all you can do is make the future better.good luck


j - September 4

thats where adoption comes in sweetheart


britney - September 6

i cant tell my mom & dad i am pregs 4 the 3rd time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they will kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after my 2nd baby was born & adopted we moved away 2 a small village & they made me join the church. but i had s_x lots of times with a boy from skool. what shall i do? my mom & dad said if they even find out that i have s_x they will put me in 2 care. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


britney - September 6



you need help - September 6

umm first of all WHY DONT YOU KEEP YOUR LEGS SHUT!! after 2 kids havent you learned that s_x is not a joke anymore. gosh, i dont know why you arnt using protection and why arnt your parents putting you on the PILL. i think your MOM DAD and YOU need to go take cla__ses on s_x. your parents should know that u need help and should have you on the pill. you prob. already have an STD. god bless you girl!


britney - September 8

i'm not dumb or stupid. how can i be dumb & stupid?????????? i don't drink or smoke yet!!!!!!!!!! i like havin s_x wiv boys & condoms are just stupid arent they?????????? no boy should wear them. how r they supposed 2 c_m in u if they r wearing a condom?????????? duh!!!!!!!!!! i think i wanna get rid of this baby cos i really don't wanna go in 2 care. can i do this without my parents knowledge? how much does it cost? i can probably steal the $ somehow.


therapy - September 8

Britney. You need a therapist. You seem to have mental problems. Seriously. When a guy wants to have s_x with you, it's called saying, "NO". Get your s_x facts straight before you go and do it. Your like a 3 year old addicted to barbies, who keep buying barbie after barbie after barbie!!


Slut - September 9

What a s___t!


britney - September 9

why do i need theraphy?


get into care - September 9

Get into care.... now! before you really get pregnant and bring a child into this world - you are much too sick, twisted and perverted to have offspring! Pig!


lidia - January 7

you could tell this is a teenager sight grow up now that your having kids act right


alicia - January 7

i think you should keep your legs closed foreal...because am 15 and i already have a baby that is 2 months old.


jenny - February 10

how much does it cost to have a baby?


me - February 10

why are you talking about abortion in your later posts when your original post says you do not want to kill your baby? You are contradicting yourself.


reply to britney - February 10

I don't really believe anything you are saying. Are you mentally challenged?I am serious, you are making no sense at all. And to come on this site to just have fun is showing how challenged you really are.


Re: Julia - February 10

Just read all of her posts they aren't making sense and I am saying it sounds like who ever it is, is just joking around it doesn't sound serious and if it is she needs to realize she is 15 and this is her third time being preg. I can understand once by accident but, come on , you need to take ownership of your actions and if she is acting like an adult and having s_x like one (this is her third preg) she needs to grow up and take some responsibility for her actions she is going on about not liking condoms etc...does this sound right to you, she needs ot grow up. I don't agree with the people calling her awful names and so on but she does need to take ownership and get help, there is a reason why she is doing this, she needs to talk to someone to figure this out.



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