HELP I Dont Knwo The Answer

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~!!!~ - April 13

i think i might be pregnant... but i cant tell i took a test and it was negative but that was only two weeks after having .. my have hurt like heck off and on i have been tired i havent been able to go to the bathroom(if you get that) for like 3 days very well my stomach has been cramping and hurting bad off and on and i have a line form my belly button going down .... i didnt have a real period it was very light and i have had major headaches and had temps off and on... help?


~!!!~ - April 13

im not worried i was just curious


melissa - April 13

~!!!~ I would schedule an appt. with the doctor. Just to be on the safe side. Also, don't listen to the haters on here, probably some little kid just trying to stir trouble.


marie - April 13

You can get a false negitive,but you cant get a false positive, so it is possible that you are pregnant. Is that what you want? I dont think a test could tell that soon,but a blood test could,if you realy want to know go to you're doctor. good luck!!


Jen - April 13

Yes, just ignore people like that. You know you are a good person. Let us know what you find out.


Audrey - April 13

To ~!!!~ It still might be early for anything to show up on a home test but your symptoms sound like early pregnancy. See a doctor and start taking pre-natal vitamins containing folic acid. You'll have some hard decisions to make soon. Best of luck!


~!!!~ - April 13

you guys are nice yeah i just took a shower earlier and my area was really large on both like rounder and more spread out on my b___b and my stomach is so sore like it feels liek i have done millions or crunches but i havent done anything


Jen - April 13

it could be your period...go out now and get a test


~!!!~ - April 13

the thing is i had my period which was really light and odd for only3 days two days after i had and im not supposed to have it until teh end of this month.......


Gabby - April 13

sounds like you could be pregnant you may not have enough hcg in your urine for a test to show positive i would wait a couple days and try again good luck!


katie - April 13

i think u mite b pregnant to...the bleeding u cud hav had also mite have been implantation bleeding...but i dunno.i think u sud do another test in a few weeks or go to the doctor then u will get the rite answer 1st time...oh yeah and ur not a whore and u are old enuff to b havin s_x but hey take a gs luck luck xxx katie


Grandpa Viv - April 13

The line on your stomach is called the Linea Nigra and normally shows up at the end of the first trimester, but I have talked to several who have it as an early sign. Hot flashes, unusal b___b pains, constipation, weird period, headaches are all signs. Take another test a week after the first - hCG levels quadruple in that period of time. Write me at [email protected] if you want to talk more. Good luck!


~!!!~ - April 13

how dark will the Linea Nigra be ... ?



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