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mychemicalromance13 - January 26

my last period was in november on the 16th and lasted till 19th and me and my bf had s_x w/ out a protection :/ i am gaining wait and i have back pain and my Brest hurt i have to use the bathroom alot and i have not ate much one week and then i eat a lot help me plz... and i am only 13 :O sorry for any typos:P


abriamiacadia - January 26

TAKE A TEST! Its the only way to know if you are or not. We cant tell you whether you are or not. Like i keep posting UNPROTECTED s_x=UNPLANNED PREGNANCY. I know from first hand experience how else do you think i got pregnant? and 13 come on honey, wait til next yr. to have s_x...its really not cool to say oh yah im soo not a virgin ..anymore, my best friend is a virgin and dammit i look up to her lol. So, take a test, then keep us up to date, sorry if i sound b___hy its just you should know the facts if you insist on having s_x at 13


Skyeblue - January 26

So you could be roughly 10 weeks pregnant already and it hasn't occured to you to.....hmmm...maybe take a TEST!!!!!????? Tis the season!?! What is up with all these posts from barely teens 1. having UNPROTECTED s_x 2. Missing their periords for months 3. Then wondering hmmm...could they actually be pregnant...? You ask us here to "please help". You got to help yourself. TAKE A TEST NOW! And pray that you for some miracle are not pregnant. Tell your mom, tell your bf you are not going to have s_x anymore, and grow up a little please--meaning take some advice from those adults around you.


Skyeblue - January 26



doglover13 - January 26

i really did not want to have s_x but he wanted me too


AmericanReject - January 26

doesn't matater what he wants..its your body...and it seems like to me that hes just using you....dont let a guy tell you what to do ...or it could ruin your whole life....stand up for yourself


mychemicalromance13 - January 26



Skyeblue - January 26

ok doglovers and chemical romances, you are caught. now go off to the shopping mall and by a big slurppy and make up and leave this website alone!!!


tennesseewlkr07 - January 26

okay people this c___p is getting old very quick im so sick of reading bull c___p post and giving advice only to find out its some lil kid with too much time on their hands1



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