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Joe - January 20

Hi..... My girlfriend is about 4 months preg. and i soo many concernes about whats going on.... This is my first time, im new at all of this. I am 16 and my g/f is 15 1/2. My most concern was, is it legal for her to move in without parents permission? Im sooo scared. I dont want a abortion or adoption! I dont believe in those. So im being a good and responsable b/f and do whats right and learn from my mistakes. When we had s_x we used pretection, it broke now we are in a serious situation. Anyways..... Her dad kinda treats her like shit, like making her go to a different school and making her do things that she doesnt what to do. Her dad is preventing her from seeing me. On my own opinion i think he is trying to kill the baby, he is constantly stressing her out. Her household is a very bad envirment! Concret floors and tore up walls! I dont want our baby to grow up in a bad envirment! Im so sorry for changing the subjects around alot. Im just really scared and confused. I need someone to talk to. Someone who knows everything about raising a child! E-mail me a [email protected]


Joe - January 20

Oh yeah, If your thinking she's poor she's not!! She's not 15 1/2 she's 16 :-/ Sorry. I wasnt thinking alot Joe Again


lilly - January 21

ok joe good job keep doing what ur doing and yes she is legal 16 is the age she can move out without parents consent i did but anything else i dont know


Kimberly - January 21

Umm... Do you think it's really best for her to move in with you when your only 16? How are you going to make enough money to support her, yourself and a child? Sure, maybe her home life isn't great but would her life with you and the baby be that much better? A baby costs a whole lot of money and time...remember that.


tara - January 21

You have to understand that as much as you are concerned about her and are trying to adjust to the fact that you are becoming a father, so is her family. This is a huge deal and every one needs some time and space to deal with what's coming up. Maybe her father is trying to do what he thinks is best for her. But I think he should also allow you to see her...after all you are the father. I suggest that you set up a time to meet with her family; maybe even bring your family to them as well to show that you are trying to be supportive and be a good father. once you guys have all met and talked this out you will all have a better understanding of where the other is coming from. As a father you have rights to this baby as much as she does, and as long as they know you wnat to be involved then they can't do anything behind your back. The meeting I'm sure will be stressfull for everyone, but it needs to happen so that everyone is on the same page. good luck.


tara - January 21

there is alot that a pregnant woman goes through emotionally and with all the horemonal chnages it's very hard not to break down in tears sometimes. The best you can do is as you have been...just be as supportive as you can. And if you can convince her that everyone should meet to come to an agreement I strogly believ that the out come will be better than what you guys are going through right now. You are absolutely right, your child should have a great life and be involved in your life as much as the grandfather's try your best to talk to him and make him understand that you are not the bad guy here and you wnat to do rigt by his daughter and grandchild.


Julia - January 21

Joe email me ...........I have a idea and I dont want others to judge you. I am very glad that you are being a good supportive DAD dont stop [email protected]


Joe - January 21

Why,whats up....??? I emailed you and you still havnt responded.....joe


vanessa - January 22

I think her moving away from her dad would be a blessing to her and the baby. And you'll get plenty of benefits to help cope financially, even though you wont be living like royalty it can work



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