HELP Could I Be Pregnant

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Anastasia - May 11

My br___ts are sore, Im really tired all the time and just want to sleep.My period is always on time but this month im 2 days late so far,its never bf and I have s_x almost everyday,we use withdrawl......could i be pregnant?please respond soon!!! Thank You


Stephanie - May 11

It is possible. You should go and get a pregnancy test to determine whether or not you are. You can also go to Planned Parenthood, if your in the states, and get tested there for a small amount of money for for free. Good Luck, and if you are not pregnant, you should talk to the clinic about getting on a birth control method that is right for you.


Hi Anastasia - May 11

It is more than possible. It is more than probable also. Withdrawl is not really a birth control method.....its just delays it SOMETIMES. Teens usually do not have good success at withdrawling for obvious reasons. Hell it is bad no matter what age you are.


Audrey - May 11

Anastasia- There's a high possibility that you are, given your symptoms and the fact the you have not used any birth control. Use a home pregnancy test as soon as possible. You'll have to make some difficult decisions if it turns out that you are pregnant. Best wishes!


andrea jones - May 11

yes just because you have s_x and he pull out dont mean that you can get pregnant cause that what i thougth but now am 17 year old in my last year of school and on oct will be give birth to a baby girl so yes is call peejaculate it comes out be for they come so go to a doctor dont do a pregnancy test because they lie go to a doctor and write me back and tell me what they say good luck


Anastasia - May 11

Thank you to everyone who responded. I hope Im not pregnant because it wouldnt be good for the child,but if I am then I'll do whats best for the baby.Ill tell you in a few days the results of whether I am or not. Again, thank you


Anastasia - May 15

Well i got my period 3 days late,and its ALWAYS 5 days long but this time it was only 3 days long can i be pregnant even tho i got my period?


Grandpa Viv - May 15

If you still have those early signs, it is quite likely you had a bleed during pregnancy and not a true period. Keep on with your plans to take a test. Good luck!


Anastasia - May 16

My period was usual but only lasted 3 days. im having constant headache.what are the chances im pregnant?



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