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Tracy - November 16

I need help. Big time. I've posted on here before and had loads of help which I'm very grateful for. So thankyou to everyone who helped me before. But now my situation has changed. I'm not sure if I'm still pregnant. I had 3 positive pregnancy tests last week. I started bleeding last night. Very light, brown and nothing like a normal period flow so I'm not too worried because it isn't heavy. Today it has turned red. This might sounds gross and Im sorry for saying this but I have to tell you everything so you know what I'm on about. When I took down my underwear to check the bleeding which has now gone red but still light, there was a long, slimy, stretchy thin thing hanging down from my va___a to the sanitary towel. It was dark brownish red just like the bleeding. Is this normal? I'm not having any pains and I feel okay apart from slightly dizzy and a headache. I need anyone/everyones help asap. What do you think this could be? What shall I do? I'm not due to have the pregnancy confirmed until Thursday. Thankies in advance!


Tracy - November 16

Can someone please answer? I'm really worried here!


Shalee - November 16

Did it look like it was just blood or did it seem to have tissue looking substance in it??


Tracy - November 16

I'm not sure. It was long, thin and similar to that mucus discharge us girls get but dark red/brownish colour and stretchy. I dont know what tissue looking substance looks like.


T - November 16

Tracy I would call your doctor. I have read your other post and since you have stopped the pill recently what you may be experiencing could be a withdrawal bleed from the pill. Especially if yur in that 7day time frame when you usually take the sugar pills. However, I would definitely have this checked out. That long, thing stretchy thing you mentioned does sound rather strange. I haven't come across this before. But it may be a blood clot. Since the blood started of brown that sounds like old blood but the red is something I would have checked out. Red means fresh bleeding. So this really needs to be checked out hun. Dont worry about the pregnancy test. Sometimes this happens with then. It doesn't mean you;ve lost the baby or anything like that. It could be because the time you did the pregnancy test was when you had a low amount of HCG present in your urine. Or it could be a faulty test. Clearblue aren't always that reliable. So I would phone your doctor up. Are you in the UK? If you are phone NHS Direct up and these will advise you, medically, on what to do based on the bleeding and any symptoms you are experiencing. If your from the states or the UK then call your doctor up and see if you can have a check up to see whats going on. But please try not to worry. Since your not having any pain that is a good sign. A lot of women experience early bleeding during pregnancy and they carry to full term. But I would still have this investigated as soon as possible.Take Care!! :o)


Tracy - November 17

T - Thankies for your help! I did another test and it was a faint positive! Phew. I was sooooo worried. Thankies again.



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