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becs - April 17

ok, so i'm 17, and i'm pregnant. my boyfriend and i do love each other... its just... lately... ugh! he's just annoying the h__l out of me! I dont know if its just me, or what, but he seems to be getting more and more clingy as the days go by! i'm so sick of him! If it were under any different circ_mstances, i would probably break up with him! but its different now... because i'm going to have a baby. And I think about things like... well, if i do break up with him... i'll be a single mom... and its so hard to find a boyfriend when your a mom! Hardly any guys want to date a chick with a kid! Ugh... I do love him, dont get me wrong... he's just totally wearing me out! If I could take back everything... I would... but its too late now! Everything he does annoys me... and I told him that every once in a while I need time to myself... and he freaked out! he said it seems like i dont like him anymore, and i dont like seeing him.. but how can i when i see him every single day?!!!?? EVERY day... and we dont do anything exciting or new!!! its the same thing... every day... I dont know what to do, or how to tell him i need a break without breaking his heart! oh... and he always has to be touching me! If i dont kiss him, he pouts... if i dont hug him, he thinks i'm mad at him... and i tell him all the time... somedays i dont want to be touched... and he just doesnt get it!!! please give me some advice.. i could really use a little help! thnx -becs


Lillie E - April 17

i think it has a lot to do with you being pregnant. when i was pregnant i couldn't get enough attention and affection. explain to him its your hormones. don't go so far as to break up, your not yourself now and won't be for awhile. its hard but you need to explain it to him...


midnight_drift - April 18

Well, I wouldn't break up with him, because this is a very important time. I am pregnant too, as well as 17. My boyfriend has always been clingy, and I love it! But some people don't. Just sit him down and say, "Hunny, my hormones are going crazy, if I don't get a teeny break from you, I might bite your head off accidentally. I don't want us to get into an argument" or something, make it seem like you care about him a lot, and don't want to hurt him, they seem to buy it lol.


New_to_this - April 18

Ohh its hard isnt it. Pregnant hormones and tough clingy boyfriends. Unfortunatly after the baby things are going to get more and more repet_tive. Its hard to think of him not being there sometimes, but you have to be happy to. Does he want to be an active father? My sister was 15 when she got pregnant and was emotionally tired of her boyfriend and they have found it better to be apart. He is a great father (both are 19 now) and very active in his childs life, but my sister found themselves happier apart. These situations are always hard and i hope you can figure out what to do with him. (wink, wink)


Just A Girl - April 18

OMG Im going threw the EXACT SAME THING....I dont know if im pregnant or not, im 2 days late also 17....But im about to go CRAZY! Hes so ...ugh! I dont know what to do either...


sara b - April 21

Did you ever think about taking a break? Don't break up, just take a few days away from eachother. Don't talk, don't call, don't chill. If you miss him like crazy you know the answer and if you don't well you know what to do... It's not easy being a single parent but I do fine. My daughter's father left me when I was 4 months pg. After that I met a man who didn't care I was pg. I only left him because he couldn't hold a steady job. Now I'm dating a wonderful man who works, has his own place, and loves my daughter. It's not about being single or not. Its about what's best for your baby. If you're bf treats you right and wants to be there then take that into consideration but don't stay in a relationship that makes you miserable because it will affect your child too. Best wishes.



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