HELP I M 12 And I Had Unprotected Semi Sex

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Sammy - January 4

I had semi-s_x for the first time about a week ago and I don't know what to do.My b/f pre ejackulated and then we stopped but I don't know what to do?I should get my period in about 3 days but I don't know what to do if i skip it.I live with my way over protective grandparents and my dad's dead and I don't live with my mom.Can anyone help me?PLEASE!!


courtney - January 4

wow...!! semi-s_x...? never heard of that before. s_x is s_x...without penatration...its oral s_x. just because your boyfriend didnt ejaculate in you, doesnt mean you had "semi s_x" thats s_x, and you can get pregnant from pre-c_m just as u can when he really c_ms. if im not mistaken, u mean he penatrated, but did not c_m inside you...??? if thats the case, wait till u miss your period and take a test just like everyone else who has asked that question! if u had oral s_x, your fine.


courtney - January 4

and obviously your grandparents are not over protective enough if your 12 and having s_x. and now that i re-read that, i would wait and see if u miss your period after this one, next months. or atleast wait a couple more weeks before u take one.


becca - January 4

Im sorry i no im not 1 to say but omg having s_x a 12 when i was 12 i used to get shy wen my b/f wanted a kiss letalone s_x im gobsmacked that really young girls feel they have to have s_x.


sue - January 4

Of couse there is a chance of pregnancy but I have also herd that having s_x for the first time can make your period funny for some.If you don't get it wait two weeks,take a test and if it is negitive get birth control.If you can't get to a planned parenthood tell your grandparents you need to go to the doctor b/c you are having irregular periods.Birth control is often given to regulate periods.


frankschick2001 - January 4

I'm sorry that you are so young and have to deal with issues like unplanned pregnancy. I don't understand why you would even invite this kind of drama into your life. Anyway, if your period is late, try to go to a planned parenthood for a free pregnancy test. Otherwise take any money you might have and go buy one. Was this boy also only 12? Listen, don't ever have unprotected s_x again. EDUCATE yourself on what it takes to become pregnant, all the myths and facts etc. If you are going to have s_x, the least you can do is be informed about it.


Taycie - January 4

im 12 too. well if your allowed to speak to your mom you should first tell her. if not ask your grandmother about how you know if your pregnant then say "i think i may be pregnant," thats how i told my parents


~KNS~ - January 4

yo grl....same with me...I am 15 going to be 16, and I had unprotectected s_x and he fully ejaculated. I am hoping I am not pregnant to. I live with overprotective grandparents, me and my mom don't live with each other,and I haven't seen my dad for a long time. I need help too.


jessy - January 4

hey girls! just wanted to say hope everything goes good for you guys. but yeah u can get pregnant by pre-c_m...well im pregnant so if yo u need any help im here.


babaycakes - January 4

12? seriously, why would you go and have s_x at that young of age? you are way to young to be dealing with the mental and physical problems from having s_x. wait till your older.


VirginMary06 - January 4

You shouldn't be having anyway. I hope that you are very scared. This a consequence you have though about before having any kind of s_x. There are a thousand teen clients around. You need to take your b___t to one and learn more about s_x. What the hell is "semi-s_x". You sound very stupid.


sa__senach - January 4

whoa whoa whoa...slow down. This might just be my thinking, but the chances are that this girl posted her question for advice, information and support. If she made a mistake, it's her own, and hers to deal with (no matter how young she is) but is she wanted to be brought down, well than, Sammy please do say so, Because if not...How is it anyones place on this forum to state the black and white, right and wrong?


to virginMary06 - January 4

If she wanted chewed up she would have told her grandparents.Expressing your opinion if fine just don't call her stupid.Inform her don't put her down.It doesn't mean encourage it either.


sa__senach - January 4

no, i didn’t say encourage it;) was just expressing that no one here has seen her grow-up, knows her history, her personality...which should usually leave judgment to those who do. this site is a step to resolve what teens should do, when faced with this certain situation. FACTUAL-human-opinions are just appreciated on forums as they're suited to some ones specific situation. (i know that’s how i found this place)


me - January 6

whats semi s_x? im a little thick lol


sa__senach - January 6

lol. To me: There really isn't anything such as semi-s_x. S_x is s_x. I believe sammy just considered it "semi-s_x" because he didnt ejaculate during the act;)


Rachel - January 6

I'd really like to know what "semi-s_x" is, theres no such thing. There's pulling put b4 he c_ms and theres oral s_x but i've never heard of semi-s_x. And you're granparents would be OK 2 be over-protective if you're having s_x at 12, you really should wait until you're older and know more about it and can deal with the consequences if anything happens. Good luck anyway.



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