Help Im 14 And Pregnant I Dont Know How 2 Tell Parents

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Aurelia - May 7

Im 14 and Im pregnant. I had s_x with a guy i just met that night and its bee 3 months. I still dont know how 2 tell my parents. Im so scared!! pleez help me. this guy was a 1 night stand and i never see him. He is my friends brother that lives in buffalo. I dont know how to tell my parents. Ive bee thinkin i should just say i wuz raped.


candie4 - May 7

I wud tell ur parents it wuz an accident or u were drunk.


age is nothng - May 7

UM TO AURELIA.... i would not go down the " i was raped" story... it will bring soo much pain to your family... so much just " blaming eachother" what i feel that you should do is just bite the bullet and tell them what really happend... they are your family, they will understand... i hope that this helps, i was raped( a long story) and i contracted an STD and even tho i twas a year later that everyone found out, my family was doing everything they could to get a hold of the perarson that did it to me..... soooo like i said.... just keep your head up, bit the bullet.. they wil understand... out of all the anger that comes out... just know that you have a lil baby on the way... and that is something that they wil jus thave to take into concideration as well... hope this helps


Aurelia - May 7

What do i do about the father?


Monica - May 7

I Just sit down with them and tell them i know its gonna be hard because thats how it was for me. when i told my parents they was upset. ounce you tell them you'll feel much better. trust me and your parents will get yust to it becuz they cant stay mad for ever. good luck


Aurelia - May 7

What if they dont understand. also Im scared that people in my highschool will think ima s___t or whore.


Grandpa Viv - May 7

Aurelia, you must be having a hard time keeping all this to yourself. Share with your parents - it's their job to protect you , and you will be surprised to find they feel they have let you down. Cozy up as a family and plan how you are going to face the world together. This is not the first time this has ever happenend. Good luck!


maya - May 8

Aurelia: if u want u can emial me. if u don;t u don;t have to.



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